MMA Mixed Martial Arts Mats

Sprung ®produce superior rubber, vinyl and wood surfaces to withstand repetitive impact and minimize injury in the discipline of Martial Arts.

Sprung is a renowned flooring company in Scotland that offers revolutionary martial arts and MMA mats of premium quality for all training disciplines. Whether you are looking for the ultimate MMA flooring option for your facility or your home, you just need to find a high-quality mat that specifically meets your training discipline needs.

Martial arts mats are versatile, durable and available in multiple mats thicknesses (20mm to 60 mm) and smooth or tatami surfaces. Moreover, they are made from high-quality open cell foam and have a great product life expectancy. This climate stable, multi-density foam is covered with reinforced, closed cell vinyl which is a moisture-proof and antimicrobial option.

If you are looking for martial arts mats, you are most likely looking for safety, durability, and less maintenance. Don’t worry! We have every kind of MMA mats or Martial Arts mats at affordable rates available in our collection.

Before you opt for Martial arts flooring, you have to make sure that the space has very good ventilation because they give off a strong odour. However, the advantages of Martial arts flooring outweigh this issue and make MMA is an excellent option when it comes to rehabilitating old and damaged surfaces. Also, it is a great option for low and high impact workouts or sports events like advanced gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, and other tumbling moves. 

Advantages of MMA Flooring for Fast-Paced Environments:

Durable Options

While selecting a martial arts mat, you will probably want to choose the one that will last for a long period. Unfortunately, those $30 dollar mats that are available readily might not be going to last when it comes to actual practice. At Sprung, we offer Judo mats with a vinyl casing that protect the mats from rips, stains, and spills. The vinyl casting helps to keep the mat in the best shape for each practice section. Moreover, our Judo mats are also non-porous and mould and mildew resistant. So, these MMA mats will stay in shape for many years to come.


Different sports training require different thicknesses for proper safety. You will probably not want to do a hardcore MMA move on a yoga mat and put yourself or your opponent at a risk, right? That’s why you need to choose thicker MMA mats for your Judo or martial art training.

Low Maintenance.

Our MMA mats are portable and easy to use. They require little no zero installation and can be easily stored when not in use. So, you don’t have to worry about its installation much. You can install it whenever you need it and then keep it in the stores when you are not training anymore.

At Sprung, we take pride to say that our roll-out MMA mats are one of the best selling mats for residential and commercial gyms. They are the easiest martial art mats to install. You just need to pull out the mat, roll out, and you are good to go. Other than that, they are also easy to store for the same reason. Also, our mats have a vinyl top over a thick polyethene foam bottom. So, they are durable and shock absorbent. Because of their non-porous vinyl top, they are also easy to clean and sanitize.

Alongside their general ease of maintenance and easy installation, acrylic Judo flooring systems are capable to withstand environmental stressors like extreme cold temperature applications and outdoor exposure. At Sprung, MMA or Judo flooring systems are available in a wide range of colours with various thickness options so that you definitely find the one that will suit all your facility’s aesthetic needs while providing optimal performance.

Here, we take pride to say that we offer the best quality Martial arts mats that can be quickly installed at your residential or commercial gyms. You can think of reaching out to us when you are planning to lay your hands on the ultimate quality Martial arts mats. So, what more are you looking for? If you need Judo mats or MMA mats for your residential or commercial gyms, just get in touch with us today!