Let’s go modern with the fusion of traditional wear

Everyone wants a classic look and stays up-to-date with current fashion trends whether Indian style or Western. The greatest aspect of style is that it is possible to make it your own to create a completely new and distinctive appearance.

 Fashion trends are constantly changing and everybody wants to bring their own style to their outfits, but they are unable to create something that can provide them with a trendy edge. Everyone wants comfort and flexibility when we wear traditional clothes. The best method to achieve this is to give your dress a modern spin. There are a variety of ways to make your traditional dress an edge of Western style and stand out in the crowd.  

Here are some of the dresses with a modern touch.

1 Palazzo with Crop-Tops

Palazzo trousers are now however with an added twist. These were among the top sought-after outfit of the 80s, and, in modern times, they are a huge hit and well-loved by a large number of people due to the comfort it gives. For a contemporary appearance, dress in the crop top and Palazzo pants. You’ve probably seen numerous Bollywood stars wearing this look elegantly. This style is ideal for celebrations and events and can be paired with the perfect pair of earrings that complete the style.

2 Kurti as a Dress

Today, you’re likely to have noticed that Kurtis is often dressed up in dresses. If you want to wear your kurta as a dress, make sure that the long kurti for women you choose to wear is A-line and not the standard ones with side slits. They are typically long enough to be worn at the ankle or at calf length and used as dresses on different occasions.Furthermore This is an ideal dress for celebrations and events. It is possible to wear mojris, jaotis, or kolhapuris in this ensemble. Silver jewelry that is oxidized is the most effective option to add some sparkle to your outfit.

3 Kurti Dupatta and Jeans

There are myriad ways to style your jeans to add a contemporary touch. Try wrapping a dupatta the way you would like and attaching it to the belt. Furthermore, This style can be worn comfortably and still look stylish while doing it. It is easy to wear this style for special occasions or parties. You can wear heels, boots, or shoes based on the style that is comfortable for you. A bangle that matches your dupatta could be the perfect accessory to complete your appearance or simply wear a wristwatch for a more casual look. your hairstyle simple. It is possible to leave it untied or tie it in the form of a bun, or even wear an updo with this style.

4 Crop-Tops and Skirts

Crop tops are an excellent way to put modern fashion into your traditional attire. They provide a modern spin to your ethnic look and will make you look stunning at any event. They’re not just perfect for various Western attire, but can also be used to wear with Indian outfits. Moreover Crop tops can be a great addition to any look and they also will let you make a stylish statement. You can pair this top to go with an Indian traditional skirt or lehenga and bring a Western flair to your look. you can also pair any shoe with this dress in which you feel comfortable. Crop tops are a great option to replace traditional blouses and add a fashionable factor to any outfit.

5 Kurti and Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts are in fashion lately. They are the perfect attire to show class and sophistication. You might have worn skirts with T-shirts crop tops or tank tops. Try it again with a cotton kurta set for women. The trend of kurtas paired with maxi skirts has become a fashion trend with a flurry. This outfit provides a stylish appearance and is very easy to wear. If you own a print maxi skirt, then combine it with a simple or a kurta that features bling on the neck area as well as the arms. Many celebrities are sporting this combo for various occasions.

6 Indian Skirt and White Shirt

If you’re on the go, this outfit is a great option. You can choose any skirt you have in your closet and put it on with white shirts, it can give you a stylish style. Furthermore, it can also be paired up with your lehenga skirt. For a complete look, add an eye-catching necklace that sits on the front of your shirt. It is possible to add heels for a striking feminine style. The dress is suitable for drinks, sangeets, and receptions.