September 26, 2022

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Most Popular Types of Engagement Rings

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engagement rings types

Don’t you just feel that excitement of love buzzing in the air? When it is time to take that grand step in your relationship it can be both a daunting and exhilarating experience. The process of choosing an engagement ring can seem pretty overwhelming. 

You have to take into account the size, personal preferences, colour, cut style… and the list goes on. Start with your basics, understand what’s trending and popping out in this industry-first before you make a solid choice. To help you out, I have listed a few of the most popular engagement rings so far below: 

The Diamond Solitaire 

This has been the most popular ring for decades and rightfully so. The design of the diamond solitaire may vary from time to time, but this category is here to stay and remain unmovable, unshakable and firmly set in its place as number 1. 

The quality is elegantly stunning, fit for royalty and you can cut it in a princess or cushion cut. Either way, it is the ultimate romantic engagement ring majority of women would go for. If you are residing in Australia, check out Melbourne engagement rings as the city has a wide variety of settings and cuts. 

The Pave 

Pave engagement rings are the epitome of glamour and luxury. The surface of the ring is surrounded by diamonds which creates a shiny effect. The best part? You can select the gemstone of your choice for this ring, but do note that diamonds still remain at the top even for this style of ring. If your future wife is looking for extra sparkle, this would be the ideal choice for her. 

The 3 Stone Rings 

Three stone rings bring together the history and destiny of your relationship. Basically, it represents the past, present and future of the relationship. The traditional style usually involves a huge diamond in the middle which is flanked by two tiny stones. However, more contemporary styles include side stones that are close to the same size or are the same size as the stone in the centre. The ring embraces the essence of true and everlasting love. 

The Halo 

Halo rings include a gemstone which is encircled and enclosed by a few pave diamonds. This is to amplify visual aesthetics and provides a framework to the centre ring, lifting it up and making it stand out in a striking manner. The cut is extremely vital for this style, what is in demand this time around are cushion and oval shapes. You can even obtain the feature of a double halo, which can reflect rainbow hues when the light hits in just the rights spots. 

The Bezel 

These are the more practical and modern rings of 2022. The focus is on the central diamond which is meticulously placed within a rim that has a beautiful edge of gold. This type of ring ensures your eyes go straight to the centrepiece. If your future wife-to-be lives a hustling bustling lifestyle, this ring choice is absolutely perfect for her. 

Take a deep breath, do not get anxious and just envision the proposal and the right ring will come to you! 

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