This is especially true for people who drive every day, go to work, or all the activities you manage for the family.

Although some of cars with a dashboard camera pre-installed, if the car you buy does not have this feature, you can still use this technology by plugging it into the dash cam.

Although most dash cams can make simple records, advanced dash cams can help you in an accident, but the sensors will monitor collisions and save records of GPS information, which is not only helpful in dealing with the police, but also in Propose compensation.

The issue is that you have almost no time to research and compare various dash cams on the market. With this in mind, we hope to provide guidelines for the best driving recorders available in 2020 to help guide your decision.

The first thing is the quality of the camera. What is the use of the camera lens in an accident? Most cameras have a resolution of 720p to 4K. Naturally, it is best to choose the image with the highest resolution to obtain a clear image.

Most cameras come with a mounting bracket, which you can attach to the front mirror. On the other side, some stairs have a piece of tape attached to a specific area of ​​the car, one of which is a magnetic lifter, an adhesive and magnet are installed in the other corner, and another magnet is installed on the side of the device.

Usually, there is a cable from the camp to the car battery to charge it. Mostly dash cams have a built-in battery, which means they can work after you park the car. Before buying a dash card, make sure you know which options are increasing and which battery you prefer.

In addition, please consider whether to make the wide-angle lens have a good viewing angle. 120 degrees is ok, but the goal is minimum at 130 degrees to get a wider image and see more scenery.

You also need to look for other features, such as connectivity options, GPS, best night vision dash cam, or the memory card that came with the camera. If Wi-Fi is available, functions can be seamlessly transferred to the device. The site is very convenient to find out where you are when shooting a specific scene. Night vision can help you shoot in the dark. For the last scene, you should know that all dash cams use it to store data.

However, not all models have a built-in memory card, so make sure you know you can buy it separately.


The Pruveeo F5 sprint cam adopts a modern design and can be installed on a glass car to protect people from outside damage.

This device has 1.5-inch LCD screen and 140-degree resolution, which can provide a (720p in standard mode because it allows you to store multiple images in memory).

You can enable this dash cam to write in circular format. Although many people want to record a complete audio and video file from the dashboard of a car, this file gives you the option to stop recording audio. It can store up to 32GB of micro SD card (not included).

Please note that Pruveeo F5 t comes with a program that you can download to use on Android or Apple smartphones.

This program allows you to customize the dashboard, watch video recordings, and download high-definition video recordings via Wi-Fi through real-time display of scenes.

To date, more than 30,000 sets of Pruveeo driving recorders have been sold, and these devices also have a 12-month replacement warranty and a 12-month free maintenance warranty if any problems occur during use.


Garmin Dash Cam is the smallest cameras on the market. Nevertheless, it is still full of symptoms. It is the same size as a car key, but can provide 1080p images with a 140-degree wide-angle lens.

An 8GB class 10 or faster micro-SD card is required. Although there is no LCD due to its small size, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to upload images to your smartphone using designed to be easy to use. .

It has a button for saving images and an SD card slot on the right. It runs on the car’s power supply through a cable. There are long and short power cords in the package.


After setting the low light switch and connecting it to the power source, the camera will automatically start recording.


When you install the “PAPAGO Driving Recorder” part, you will get a 160-degree video recording on the car, which is produced by the manufacturer’s bill, and provide the highest quality video, even if you are at night or in bad weather drive.

Although it comes with an 8GB micro SD memory card to store video recordings, you can expand the storage capacity by adding a 64GB MicroSD card. The video is transferred to the smartphone via the included cable, so you don’t have to rush to copy files.


You can start watching them and share the dash cam pictures. The automatic recording mode will make the driving recorder record at the end of the cycle time to erase the video recorded periodically.

The monitor mode captures one image per second to reduce the storage space required, while the motion detection system activates the dash cam to work every morning only when the device senses that the vehicle is moving (for example, when you leave the road for a walk) .

You can choose to install a 2.4-inch elevator with mounting brackets or suction cups on the front windshield, whichever suits you best.


You can record very good video with best quality because it uses 1080p resolution for video recording at a standard rate of 30 cycles per second. In addition, this device can also record active light sources and automatically adjust the exposure to provide a balanced image.


The six-layer glass in the wide-angle lens allows you to view 170 degrees while taking many photos in front of you. Many people will respect the confidential nature of the so-called “Rexing dashcam”, which covers non-observers, including criminals who want to cause confusion.

You can record a video cycle in 3, 5 or 10 minutes. When the recording reaches the end of the program time, it will restart. Black box technology that always records the last minute of the aircraft. Even with more video options, you can upgrade to Rexing dashcam using a large micro SD card (for example, 128 GB).


Kenwood’s DRV-A301W driving recorder has a powerful wide-angle lens that can help you capture more road scenes and record beautiful and clear images. It transmits 1080p video. You will see more detailed information on devices with a 2.7-inch LCD display.

The camera contains supercapacitors. It protects the device in the temperature range of -20 to 176°F, thereby preventing overheating and extending cam life. The camera view can cover up to three lanes, and once the camera moves away from the obstacle.


In case of an emergency (such as an accident), the device will automatically detect the g sensor and it will automatically turn off the video. When the Kenwood dash cam detects that the car is about to crash, if you are recording something in a loop format, it will also stop the circuit, so it will not record the crash site.

The driving recorder will automatically store the latest recording material before it is turned off. It comes with a 16GB SD card to store the recorded video, and then remove the card later to access the TV or home computer.

It is easy to extend the driving recorder. You can use suction cups or tape. The mountain is hard, so even if you are driving on a dirt road or tunnel, you can keep the dash cam in a safe place.

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