6 Offbeat Places in India To Celebrate Your Birthday

The word ‘Birthday’ excites one and all. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday in the teenage years or as an adult, birthday celebrations are always a great deal. Shopping, happy birthday cake cutting, wishes from your loved ones, lovely gifts and lots of celebration are good reasons to get excited. But there is one particular thing that everybody will wish and that is to head to a place where you will find ample time for yourself. If you don’t like being alone, then why not you get your friends along with you? Your birthday is the only time of the year that lets you claim the day in style, gather your favorite gang of people around, and spend the day like the kings or queens of the world. 

In plain speak, everyone wishes to take a break from the daily bustling life, for which a birthday offers a great and unquestionable escape plan. Therefore, travel junkies, rejoice and pack your bags, here are some offbeat destinations to celebrate your birthday with so much fun and excitement.

1.      Party Hard in Goa

When it comes to party in India, then Goa is one of the most popular places known for its party and nightlife. It is India’s go-to place for all-year-around celebrations, the reason being the amazing chilled-out atmosphere that presides here. It is one of the great places to go to celebrate birthday parties among other celebrations. If you’re looking for a great place to chill on the beach with a couple of drinks and food, then Goa is the perfect holiday spot you can hit to celebrate your birthday.

2.      A Bullet Ride to Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most awesome places known for its mystic beauty. It will be a great place you can visit this year for your birthday celebration. You can eventually plan a wonderful birthday celebration and enjoy a road trip or a bullet ride to Ladakh. There is no amazing experience nearest to a bullet ride to Ladakh for an adventure lover.

3.      The Beaches of Gokarna

If you’re tired of your failed goa birthday trips with your gangsters because of budget constraints or because of the overcrowded place, then Gokarna is the perfect place for you. You can do something adventurous with your gang of friends on your coming birthday on Gokarna, a leading tourist destination among many travel trotters. Also cut your cake that you get from online cake delivery in India, to make your birthday even more memorable.

4.      Explore Hiking At Hampi

Hampi is a great place for a getaway from a hectic schedule. It is a very quiet and relaxing place that you can visit anytime except summers. Dotted with ruins from the ancient era nestled among great boulders that have been carelessly dropped by craggy giants, the landscapes in Hampi are awe-inspiring, wonder, and flights of fantasy. Here you can try hiking as well as cycling as no geared vehicles are permitted.

5.  Indulge in Adventurous Skiing at Auli

Many people simply melt at the mention of snow and mountains. For those people out there, Auliis the right destination spot for you to enjoy your birthday this year. Celebrate your big day with your closed ones by indulging in some adventure sports like trekking, skiing, or simply play in the snow. Have the most chilling birthday this year by hitting Auli.

Celebrate your birthday this year unique and even more special by taking a trip. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, call up your gang, and plan your awesome birthday celebration in any of the above-mentioned destinations this year.

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