Let it snow! Online options to beat the winter

The Autumn semester has come to a close, and the weather is beginning to cool down a bit. When it comes to face-to-face education, bad weather and illness can throw a wrench in the works, but digital technologies make it possible to continue learning even when the worst of winter strikes. Winter Training in Noida is an excellent option for every student. 

Seminars are being reinvented in the digital age

If bad weather or other reasons prevent you from meeting on campus, you may try to recreate a seminar discussion on an online forum. However, why not take advantage of the opportunity to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do in a face-to-face session?

Students might each write a blog piece and then share the links they found on a Direct Study forum. Blogs can include images, weblinks, videos, and text to provide vibrant materials. The less formal style allows students to express themselves in ways that would be impossible in an academic essay. Students’ posts could be encouraged to be examined by their peers, with the process of analyzing and replying assisting in developing critical thinking skills. Blogging promotes the development of several digital literacy skills essential for graduates’ employment chances.

You may even try your hand at podcasting (an audio file or a series of audio files sent over the internet). Podcasts are a fantastic way to provide study material or courses to your audience. You can find suggestions on how to use podcasting in your teaching and learning on the TEL Podcasting page, which has just been launched.

Consider using Padlet to facilitate a more collaborative activity that is simple to set up and allows for participants’ wide range of contributions. It is possible to get an idea of how this versatile tool might be used in a classroom context by looking at the Padlet gallery. Create a Padlet wall in minutes using any web-enabled device, and participants may contribute from anywhere in the world. After that, the completed result can be integrated into a Study Direct web page. 

Furthermore, this could be a reasonable period for introducing students to digital technologies that can aid them in their academic endeavors. Tutors might assign students the responsibility of collecting and organizing resources relevant to the week’s topic, which they could accomplish through the use of a web-based or mobile app. 

If you wish to engage in a live discussion, today’s meeting may be the best option for you. Unless, of course, you’ve already incorporated Twitter into your classroom, in which case holding a live tweet chat would be a worthwhile addition.

Resources and reading materials

Increasingly, Online Winter Training are linked to online reading lists, and increasing numbers of Study Direct modules are connected to online reading lists. Even if they do not have access to a library, children can read through electronic books or online journal articles. To help students contribute to the resources on their module, tutors can incorporate a variety of digital resources into Study Direct. For example, you could find an appropriate “guest lecture” on the University channel on YouTube or create an RSS block to pull headlines from a relevant publication.

Presentations and seminars are scheduled

The ability to reschedule a lecture is difficult. Still, when there isn’t a recording of a previous year’s class available to share with students, lecturers can utilize a tool like the Chrome plugin Screencastify to generate quick screencasts (up to 10 minutes) of essential subjects. Students whose formative seminar presentations must be postponed could follow the same procedure.

Off-campus access to your files is available

You may need to access your work files from a different computer if you cannot access them on campus. Windows Remote Access is a tool that staff can utilize (whether you use a PC or Mac). Instructions on accomplishing this can be found on the IT Services page. Alternatively, you may prefer to save copies of teaching materials in Dropbox; in that instance, refer to IT’s instructions on accessing Dropbox from a university computer or laptop. 

There are strategies to keep the learning going no matter what the weather delivers this winter – and you could uncover some resources, tools, and activities that you can use all over the year. You can also take Winter Training in Delhi by enrolling with any reputed institute for your bright career.