OpenCart Alternatives: 10 Best Options

An open-source PHP-based online shopping cart, OpenCart is based on the Apache software project. In the category of Business & Commerce, this is one of the best E-commerce systems. Online merchants can participate in e-commerce and set up their own businesses using it at extremely low prices. Several hundred software alternatives to OpenCart are available for various platforms, including web-based, self-hosted, Windows, Linux, and SaaS. Our favorite is Shop Cart Elite. When you are looking for a free alternative, you may consider PrestaShop and WooCommerce. As alternatives to OpenCart, there are a number of great solutions, including Thirty Bees (free, open-source), ISPManager (paid), Shopify (paid), and Adobe Commerce (free).

10 Best Alternatives to OpenCart

Here are some of the best open-source eCommerce platforms that can help you get your online store up and running quickly.

1. BigCommerce

OpenCart’s biggest competitor is BigCommerce. An attractive and feature-rich online store can be created using this powerful eCommerce platform.

Business organizations of all sizes can use it, no matter how big or small they are.

An online store can be started using this self-hosted platform. You can also choose from four different licensing options depending on the demands of your business – BigCommerce Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

2. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most widely used open-source, cloud-based shopping cart platforms that can help your online business grow quickly.

In 2006, an invitation-only beta was released. With over 1 million businesses using its services every day, it has become a leading name in the eCommerce industry.

The solution is simple, secure, and easy to use. Free access to everything you need to set up a successful online store! To further enhance your online store, you can select from a variety of interesting themes and templates.

3. Prestashop

Since its launch more than a decade ago, Prestashop has been a freemium, open-source eCommerce solution. Symphony PHP is integral to Prestashop.

In this project, everything you need to run an online store and grow your business is provided by the community.

Several other built-in features are also included in this cloud-based hosted solution, including customer management, a product catalog, virtual products, and much more.

The powerful template engine in Prestashop allows you to create stunning web pages on your website while also allowing you to choose from thousands of free templates and themes available online. PrestaShop features a powerful toolkit of modules, including SEO, Newsletter tool, Forums, and Blogs.

Last but not least, if you are looking for an OpenCart alternative that includes a strong template engine as well as a variety of toolsets to make your store better, then get Prestashop development.

4. WooCommerce

This eCommerce platform gives you the ability to create attractive and feature-rich online stores for your business using an extremely user-friendly interface.

Due to the fact that this open-source plugin is built on the popular WordPress CMS, it is simple for small to large businesses to install and configure.

Powerful features are provided, such as SEO functionality, affiliate links, shipping options, product variations, etc., all of which are necessary for building an eCommerce website.

Furthermore, WooCommerce enables users to accept payments from different payment gateways, such as PayPal,, etc., therefore making it easier for businesses of all sizes to set up their own online stores.

5. Magento

There are several popular e-commerce solutions available today, but Magento seems to be the most flexible. Since 2008, it has gained a tremendous amount of popularity within a short time period.

Magento Community and Magento Enterprise are two versions of the software.

It is a free & open-source platform for B2C companies, especially small and midsized ones looking to expand. The Magento extensions can be customized in this version so that users can get the best experience.

The Magento Enterprise version of Magento comes with a wide array of features and functionalities. It is designed specifically for big-scale companies.

In this section, you’ll learn about the free Magento community edition. This gives you all the tools you need to create an amazing online store. Go with Magento development if you’re highly impressed with this OpenCart alternative and think your store will benefit from it.

6. CS-Cart Multivendor

With CS-Cart you can create an incredible online store that’s easy-to-use and feature-rich.

These modules add value to your business such as inventory management, product variants, customer wish lists, etc.

The Internet offers thousands of free and paid themes & templates for this program. These can all be customized according to your preferences. Tools offered by CS-Cart include a customer discussion forum and an SEO module for boosting your site’s search engine rankings.

There are many features to use, including managing orders, processing payments, and more. In addition, it is equipped with several addons, including optimizers, SSL support, module installers, etc.

There are built-in security features, enhancements to functionality, and flexibility with CS-cart. CS-Cart development is the best choice if you want all of these features in your eCommerce store.

7. Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart)

The 3Dcart eCommerce platform provides business owners with a comprehensive solution for establishing their own online stores.

You can quickly and easily create high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective web stores using it.

With this platform, you will get an intuitive backend interface, a feature-rich template engine, and various powerful modules that help you manage your website. 3dcart updates can be scheduled according to your schedule.

The three packages offered by Shift4Shop can accommodate retailers of all sizes. A simple management dashboard and on-site builder are beneficial to small store owners. Conversely, large retailers can select an extensive premium plan.

Whether you need a fully self-hosted platform for your business or you need to scale your store in the future, Shift4Shop can help.

8. Wix eCommerce

Small businesses and entrepreneurs interested in entering the world of eCommerce can use Wix eCommerce to build a website. You can easily create a customized online storefront with checkout using its powerful tools and wide range of eCommerce functionality.

Many small businesses have come to rely on this platform because their budgets don’t allow them to start an online store and generate revenue. Also, you can sell almost anything with it, such as clothes, cakes, and digital goods etc.

With this opencart alternative, you will be able to offer your customers a next-level shopping experience.

Furthermore, Wix eCommerce is a paid online store builder. Prices start at $23 per month for the basic plan.

9. Squarespace

A CMS was launched by Squarespace in the form of a website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service.

Throughout the years, it evolved into a platform that is now widely known as a platform for building e-commerce stores. Squarespace has become extremely popular for building eCommerce sites.

Small businesses and solopreneurs are specifically targeted by the platform. The user-friendly drag-and-drop features make the platform popular. There are more than 100 million Squarespace websites around the world.

Aside from creating online stores, you can also run email marketing campaigns and create video ads. This platform comes with a wide variety of templates, designer fonts, and color palettes that will help you create an online store that suits your business.

10. Thrive Cart

A Thrive Cart store can be created right away using a scalable eCommerce platform.

You can customize your website the way you want while having access to excellent support standards that take care of the installation and upgrade issues.

A host of features of the Platform are available, including a built-in email marketing engine, affiliate marketing, and SEO management. There are also multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal, available through Thrive Cart.


For those who want to migrate their online store, these are the best alternatives to OpenCart. Pick the one that suits your needs and preferences. Verify that they have what you need.

If you lack the required experience, however, you may still need professional assistance.