Organic Farming at Jain Farms: Nurturing the Earth and Your Soul

With technological advancements and progress in different areas of life, most of us have stopped paying attention to the quality of our lifestyle. We eat food with preservatives and packaged food that is harmful for our health. We are constructing new concrete buildings instead of conserving that land and helping the environment in any way.Our participation in activities that support a sustainable lifestyle and the preservation of nature’s treasures is crucial given the rising levels of pollution and global warming. Located near Bangalore, a bustling commercial city, the Jain Farms strives for this future. It encourages you to get closer to nature and learn how to appreciate its beauty through a variety of activities, even when you are on holiday. When you spend time with your loved ones in this picturesque setting, it is an escape from the fast-paced life back in the big city and you will feel rejuvenated. 

Jain Farms: Reaching the Organic Farms

Jain Farms is close by and located on Malur Road in Bagalur. You can come directly from Kempegowda International Airport or the KSR Bengaluru Railway Junction if you are not from Bangalore by booking a cab or driving your own car. There are multiple cars on rent that are available for people outside of Bangalore. It does not take a lot of time to reach Jain Farms so you can easily go on a day trip but to make the most out of your time here, spend the weekend in this natural retreat.

About Jain Farms 

Jain Farms is covered with plantations of different things and during the tour, you will be introduced to certain farming techniques which will help you gain knowledge about how organic farming is practiced in India. Thus, you must book this while planning your itinerary. You should reserve your rooms in advance because this location has grown to be well-liked by travelers, and you have the option of doing so online. Depending on your demands and budget, you can reserve your rooms in advance and choose from a range of options, including villas, cottages, and simple rooms. If you’re only staying for the day, you can reserve a vacation package for couples for 4800 INR, children under 12 years old for 1200 INR, and children over 12 years old for 2400 INR.For adult couples, it will cost about 7200 INR, for kids, about 1800 INR, and for people over the age of 12, about 3600 INR.The home and cottage interiors provide a rustic touch to the overall impression of living in nature.

Things To Do 

Jain Farms makes sure that the schedule includes a lot of outside activities so that you won’t be confined to the comfort of your hotel. The Bullock Cart trip and the Rain Dance are two odd experiences you might have. There are various outdoor sports, such as badminton, cricket, and volleyball. Swim a few laps in the pool after working up a sweat. Spending the evening around a campfire is a great opportunity to exchange stories with new friends and guests. There are plenty of entertaining events such as musical chairs and guess the price, if you prefer not to venture outdoors. In addition, you may see the arranged fire show and select from exquisite mehndi designs. If astrology interests you, you can set up a session. There is also a magic show waiting to surprise you. Another fun activity is the Pottery Making class. By teaching you how to make pottery from scratch, you can release your creativity. You’ll have to learn how to work with clay and mold it whatever you choose. Making pottery entices you to switch from materials like plastic cups and plates to more earthy clay pots and vessels, advancing sustainability. It takes you back to a rural area where people frequently use organic products. If you get your hands dirty, your day will be enjoyable.A petting zoo allows you to interact with animals and view them in their natural environments. You can observe different birds while touring the plantations. There is also a brand-new package that permits you to travel with your pet. Our beloved pets must typically be left at home because we aren’t always able to keep them with us, but here, you are free to play with them as often as you like. Following the healthy Farm to Table concept, the in-house restaurants serve vegetarian meals produced with vegetables that are freshly gathered from their fields. You have a lot of options because you can eat South Indian food or food from another cuisine. Tea and evening snacks are the best way to unwind after a long day. After that, dinner is served with a wide variety of delicious meals. 


In addition to providing you with a respite from the same routine of your everyday life, Jain Farms is the perfect escape because it will teach you the value of protecting the environment as well as a healthy lifestyle. The eco-friendly practices of Jain Farms make sure that the visitors get to experience the comfort of living amidst nature and learn how to contribute to its preservation. Organic Farming is a practice that all of us must actively engage in and try to preserve the environment. Jain Farms beautifully brings together luxurious staycations and responsibility for the future.

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