A Complete Guide To Purchase Outdoor Cushion That Ensure Comfort

There are various important things that you need to consider while purchasing outdoor cushions. Before investing in any cushion, you should make sure that the seat cores and material are of top-notch quality. You should also consider various other factors while purchasing an outdoor cushion.

The outdoor cushion is just like other furniture at your home. If you want to enjoy beautiful summer weather while resting comfortably on your outdoor furniture, you should invest in good quality cushions. You should not compromise with good quality. The key factors that you should look for while choosing an outdoor cushion are listed below:

1. Material Of Outdoor Cushion

Though various outdoor cushions look the same, there would be a vast difference in material quality. The outdoor cushion’s material varies drastically. You should invest in an outdoor cushion that consists of good quality material. The cheap quality cushion covers will lead to the formation of molds and mildew. The outdoor cushion should have water-resistant properties. In addition to this, bad quality cushion also starts fading quickly due to the shining sun. There are different kinds of material used for the outdoor couch


Another name of Vinyl is PVC. The cushion covers made up of PVC are affordable. But, they do not perform well in extremely hot conditions. The cushion cover made up of Vinyl can absorb heat and they do not perform well. But, it is completely water-resistant. The tufted chair cushion is one of the best chair cushions for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Cotton Canvas

The cushion covers made up of cotton canvas are eco-friendly and look attractive as well. But, there is one disadvantage of the cotton canvas is that it is not water-resistant. Therefore, the cushion cover made up of cotton canvas can lead to various problems such as molds and mildews. . Therefore, you have to treat the cotton canvas cushions covered with the waterproof application.


Another material that can be used for the outdoor cushion is Textilene. The Textilene is a mesh woven material and it is made up of the polyester yarn. This polyester yarn is coated with the PVC. This type of material will get hot under the sun, but this type of material will add strength to the cover. These kinds of the cushion are not vulnerable to wear and tear. These cushions are waterproof and their colors do not get faded under the sun.

2. Core Material Of Outdoor Cushion

After paying attention to the cover of the cushions, the next thing that you need to consider while purchasing the outdoor cushion is core material.

Polyester Fill

The outdoor cushions that are filled with Polyester are cost-efficient, fluffy, and soft. But, the polyester fill cushions do not offer complete support. These kinds of cushions start flattening over time.

Clustered Polyfill

This type of material is just like the Polyester fill, but the only difference is that the clustered polyfill is wrapped inside small balls. The clustered Polyfill makes your cushion firm and strong.


There is a wide range of foam available in the market that can be used for the filling inside the outdoor cushions. The foam is available in different densities and you have to choose the one that is good for your outdoor seating cushions. You should make a list of the requirements that you need in your cushion.


Another material that can be used for the core of the cushion is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). PET can be described as the thermoplastic synthetic polymer resin. It was originally introduced for the filling inside the luxury beds. Dacron is durable foam padding and when it is filled inside the cushion, the outdoor cushions will provide optimum support. The outdoor cushions that are filled up with the Dacron are firm and they do not flatten just like other cushions. The Dacron inside the cushion will help in giving a tight fit and well-kept appearance.

Dacron Wrapped

There are some cushions’ core material that are advertised as the Dacron Wrap and it is completely different from the Dacron cushion. The Dacron wrap material is not like the Dacron. The Dacron Wrapped cushions are just like Dacron added to the exterior of your cushions. Some cushions advertise Dacron wrap which is different from Dacron cushions. Cushions that are wrapped in Dacron are just that; wrapped in Dacron. The Dacron Wrap cushions are flattened like the Dacron cushions. Armrest for car cushions is also composed of the Dacron Wrapped.

Cushion Ties

The cushion ties core material used for the outdoor cushion will make your outdoor experience completely enjoyable. The cushions that are not composed of ties will start moving whenever you stand up or sit down. The cushion ties will help in making your outdoor seating arrangement comfortable and enjoyable.

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