How Overpacking Can Ruin Your Trip and Your Travel Mood

Traveling is one of the most exciting things in life. There’s nothing like leisure trips where you can just relax and take breaks from school and work. Sometimes, even if it’s a business trip, as long as it’s traveling, it’s fun and awesome nonetheless! Whatever type of trip it is, it will surely be unique and memorable! 

But what remains constant in every trip is the fact that you have to pack all the stuff you are bringing. Even spontaneous trips need some packing, and you know that! You need to list down and gather all the items you will need to carry and use for your trip. Travel essentials must not be left behind, or else, you will have a hard time traveling, or your trip will be incomplete.

Everything you need for traveling must be thoroughly prepared and brought! However, one thing that you should not forget or ignore is to avoid overpacking. Avoid making your baggage and zippers get close to bursting and breaking because of loads of items placed in them. You really won’t like it!

Know more, so you can do better and have a worry-free trip. Here are 5 points that explain how overpacking can ruin your trip and your travel mood.

1 – Heavy baggage is a hassle.

Anything heavy makes you feel inconvenienced and tired. Especially if everything is perfectly fine except for a heavy luggage, you experience great hassle. Heavy baggage is a hassle. No matter the type or brand of bag, if your stuff is too many and too heavy, all you can notice is the nuisance it brings. 

Heavy baggage will be a disadvantage to you because it is hard to pick up, carry and transport from one place to another, especially for a long time. Big and weighty loads exhaust you before you can even do the travel activities that you are supposed to do. Without anyone’s assistance and while traveling solo, it’s even more grueling to manage these heavy bags. 

2 – It’d be hard to decide what to use.

Overpacking is something that you do when you want to be sure about the stuff you bring, so you bring extra extras and a lot of every item. It’s like instead of getting short on sweaters, you bring two extras. Instead of having shoes that might be fashionable but uncomfortable, you bring four different styles for two different events. This might be “smart” and sure, but this is also overpacking. 

While it’s totally helpful to have backups of your stuff, it would be hard to decide what to use later on. Since you bring not only what’s needed but a set of options, you might experience last-minute dilemmas on what to actually use on the days of your trip.  

3 – It’d be difficult to find some stuff from your bags.

As you pack, you seem so certain about the locations of every item you will bring to your romantic getaways, however, it could be difficult to find some of them later on. When you are already on your trip and already in an adrenaline rush or in an actual rush because you cannot be late for your next itinerary, you might become impatient about making an effort to actually look for some stuff in your bag. 

If you overpacked, then your bags are overloaded. You might end up taking out all the other things in front of the bag before getting what you actually need, which is at the bottom area. 

4 – Your baggage might exceed travel requirements.

Remember that when traveling, particularly through air, you cannot just bring anything and everything because there are requirements for travel baggage. Overpacking might make you exceed and violate those rules. Not that you will be punished or sanctioned for it, but you will be urged to leave behind some other items, or pay extra fees for extra baggage weight. 

Furthermore, for baggage security checking in airports and hotel accommodation, you might have a hard time having them scanned and opened manually.  

5 – Too much stuff ruins travel OOTDs.

When you overpack, your one and only bag is bulky and almost bursting, or you have more than two bags, which could have been lessened if only you did not overpack. Either way, too much stuff ruins your pretty and cool travel OOTDs (outfits of the day). 

Instead of enjoying your tourist photoshoots and getting Instagram-worthy photos, your over-packed bags spoil them. With overpacking, you don’t feel really good, and you don’t look really good too. 


Pack just right. Pretty sure, if you pack too much, not everything in those luggage will be used either. Be wiser by doing a smart estimate and a more detailed anticipation of what you will use and might need. Do not blindly put just anything into your travel bags. Plan intentionally. In that way, you will take only what’s needed and leave what’s unnecessary. You can avoid overpacking and all its cons. 

You can have a happier and more hassle-free trip inside and out!