5 People Who Used Personal Branding to Explode Their Biz

Some of the most prominent brands today had a staggering beginning before they established their space in the market. According to Forbes, personal branding requires a strategy, if you want people to see who you are. Some of the most successful people who have used their personal branding to explode their biz include:

1.Bridgette Hyacinth

She is one of the most sorted stalwarts for the lead consultant of her time. Besides, she is also an entrepreneur, Director, author, and motivational speaker. Bridgette has facilitated numerous CEOs by traveling all over the world to give them a personal touch of her pieces of training. She has always worked on creating healthy cultures within organizations. This is by teaching them how to be humane to their employees by creating a holistic environment.

Through her influence in leadership skills, she has been able to establish and grow her MBA Caribbean Organization. The organization specializes in management, education, and leadership workshops and seminars.

She has also used her leadership skills to publish some of the best-selling books, which focuses on leadership.

2.Cynthia Johnson

She is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, marketing professional, and author. She works with organizations to position themselves competitively in the market through her marketing skills. She uses her keynote speaking skills to speak and deliver in prominent events and summits all over the world. Famous brands have individually sought out Cynthia due to this excellent skill to make their corporate events profoundly successful.

As an author, Cynthia has written some of the most celebrated content in top-tier publications such as Forbes. She offers marketing and PR consultancy services at Bell + Ivy, a firm that she co-founds. The consultancy firm is located in Las Vegas and Santa Monica, CA.

3.Gary Vaynerchuk

He is a personal branding consultant who built his name from being able to make a video. While he was getting started, Gary produced videos that guided consumers on how to choose the best wine brands. According to him, his original intention was not to create a personal brand but to have a personal connection with his audience.

Through his influence, Gary now runs a successful YouTube channel that attracts millions of subscribers. Also, he owns a digital media company, all of which he has grown through personal branding.

4.Michelle Knight

She is a wife, a storyteller, a traveler, an entrepreneur, and a mother. Her personal branding started when she was young. She always wanted to do things her way, and not what others wanted her to do. Her choices still angered people, but she could not stop.

When her brother succumbed to cancer, Michelle became more goal-oriented. Moreover, when she became a mother, the zeal towards what she desired grew significantly on what she wanted to do. Her personal branding revolved around freedom. She is the founder of Brandmerry.com, where she offers brand coaching and marketing services.

Michelle focuses on uplifting female entrepreneurs by supporting them step by step in growing their businesses to get freedom.

5.Meg Guiseppi

Meg is a writer and an entrepreneur who focuses on connecting c-suite executives and senior-level job hunters to their ideal company. She has more than 20 years of experience with this niche, which has given her authority over the subject.

She has received numerous certifications of her work and has been featured in dominating publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and more. Her dominance has given her a competitive edge, which makes numerous companies strive to work with her.

As the owner of Job-Hunt.org, Meg always tries to support her clients’ land new and matching gigs. She has gained innumerable trust in her field. This is, to an extent where her clients don’t mind spending substantial amounts for her services.

According to her, one of the challenges she had to overcome is learning to say no to clients. Becoming confident was too another challenge.

Besides, she has used her writing skills to promote the business and reach the audience through different platforms as well as her blog.

From our personal brand champions, it is evident that each had their share of input to create what they are today. Most of them have taken more than one role, perfected them, and created a name that sells them from wherever they are. Indeed, personal branding requires excellence in the field of choice, without which it becomes a waste of time and space.

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