September 21, 2021

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Plans Of Leverage Telematics Through COVID-19

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The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is still very much an issue impacting vocational work truck fleets today. So work Truck reached out to specialists in telematics production to see how fleets can leverage their telematics solutions to help keep their transports and drivers moving.

Increase transporter Communication & Monitoring

Continue to focus on interaction with truckers and all key stakeholders linked to your fleet operation. 

“We have sent out instructions and suggestions on how to save as much funds as possible during these modern times. The lowest dangling fruit for fleets to reduce expenses is in fuel, maintenance, and labor,” said Ryan Driscoll, VP of retailing for GPS Insight.

Telematics methods are yet another way to keep a record of how drivers are performing.

Truckers who are out on roads that historically had lots of traffic now find themselves seldom alone on the road. Fleets can view in real-time if truckers are trying when their safety score goes down, so they may check-in to make assured they’re okay, replied Adam Kahn, president of Netradyne.

To help support social distancing orders, customers like Kerns Trucking is ‘clocking in’ with our Driver App. Truckers are now messaging dispatch when they start their day rather than their usual punch card method to avoid additional social contact,” noted Rushil Goel, VP and GM of Fleet Management at Samsara.

For good transportation, there are several truck brands like Tata, BharatBenz, Mahindra, and these truck brands give super mileage and work efficiency. Tata is most popular among transporters. Tata Intra truck is durable and reliable. 

Exclusive Coaching & Training

With the ‘new normal,’ we are satisfied to have a solid remote coaching present in place now, which lets coaches and drivers conduct sessions everywhere they both have access to a cellular network attachment. Using a computer or mobile device, coaches and drivers can log-in from separate locations and review an event together over the phone; coaches can also let truckers independently check their event video and leave notes for coaches to review later. For better training, Tata 407 truck is best for customers, and Tata 407 On Road Price is affordable and very satisfying to buyers. Staying connected with truckers is as vital as ever, and solid remote capabilities mean fleets can continue to prioritize reliable driving and driver help even during this pandemic,” replied Michael Philippi, vice president of technology for Lytx.

Handle the Economic Impact

Telematics has proven to be a vital tool in helping business managers and supervisors assess the impact of COVID-19 and improve their economic forecasts. 

“When times of change, telematics can help managers see bearings in their business and implement a toolset to help them build a clear path through unpredictable financial times. Geotab’s telematics solution has shown to be key in establishing businesses in asset utilization, business integration, and security. With Geotab’s fleet control platform, businesses can retune and manage cost controls to visit agile and on top of any potential business disruptions,” replied Sherry Calkins, Vice President Strategic Partners for Geotab.

Enhanced Driver Safety

Live maps within fleet administration platforms provide managers with that position of truckers and the peace of soul to know wherever they are, decreasing the necessity to ‘check-in’ at the office. This can also be necessary to replay where drivers have been and who they have found in the event someone enhances positive for COVID-19, and meeting tracing is needed,” said Aries of Verizon Connect. “Utilizing field service management solutions, fleet managers can optimize job schedules during limits of low-staffing and sick leave or quickly adjust programs to comply with fast changing regulations and health suggestions.

Improve Fuel Management 

While the price at the pump is below fit now, you can leverage fleet administration technology to overcome those payments even more.

“A few fields you can leverage this discount is in idle times, optimizing and controlling the routes taken by your drivers, and observing how the employees are driving can allow you to reduce racing,” said Driscoll of GPS Insight. “The COVID-19 condition could lead to employees feeling incautious, and there is an increased risk of fuel card trickery. Combining fuel cards with GPS data can detect possible instances of fuel card fraud by following vehicle information as well as the cost of fuel bought. For example, if more tuns are pumped than the vehicle can hold, someone may be using your fuel card to fuel non-company transports.”

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