Searching For A Popular Mattress? 3+ Best Choices To Try! 

For ensuring good quality, uninterrupted sleep, you must give considerable attention to your mattress. If you are using an uncomfortable mattress, then you will be forced to toss and turn continuously throughout the night. This can deprive you of a good quality sleep, and you might end up feeling tired. To avoid these inconveniences, make sure you are purchasing a good quality mattress from one of the best mattress stores. Simmons offers some of the best mattresses that are specifically designed to address the different health concerns faced by today’s population. Let us explore the different mattress options available at Simmons. 

Check out the Best Mattress Options – 

When purchasing a mattress from one of the best mattress stores, you will be presented with several alluring options. Before finalizing a mattress, there are several important points that you should note. Firstly, consider your specific sleeping style and requirements. Thereafter, you should determine the mattress size and firmness. Finally, you have to think about the cost effectiveness and aesthetic aspects. Now, let’s go through some of the best mattress options offered by Simmons that you can consider.

1. Beautyrest Series

These mattresses come with a specially designed pillow pad. This pillow pad is present over the top panel and it offers extra comfort while you sleep. It also comes with a non-flip design and pocketed coils. Some mattresses of this series also come with a smart response and ventilated cool foam. The mattress fabric is mostly made up of organic cotton that has been enriched with Silver ions. 

2. BackCare E-ION Series

The mattresses of BackCare E-ION Series are made using bamboo charcoal fabric. This cellular and microporous fabric offers several benefits. It enables the user to enjoy a cool night sleep by achieving the optimal temperature. Along with that, it absorbs moisture, removes odor, and prevents bacterial growth. 

3. DreamScapes

The mattresses of this category have open cell, convoluted, latex with gel foam. This feature offers comfortable sleep to the users. The presence of filcare anti-bacterial fiber makes it easier for the users to keep bacteria and fungus away. 

4. Kids Mattress

The kids mattresses come with the preservative, AllergyCare. This essentially protects the children from microbes, dust mites, and other allergens. The feature, MoistureBan keeps the mattress protected from water or oil spills. 

How to find a Mattress Store? 

Simmons mattress stores are present in multiple locations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, and more. For more information on the store location, you can visit the official website of Simmons, and go to the option- “Find A Store”.


So, we have discussed in detail about the popular mattress options and how to find a mattress store. While buying a mattress, never compromise with the quality. A mattress of supreme quality will solve a number of concerns, such as back pain, poor sleep quality, muscle stiffness, and more. Additionally, a high quality mattress will last for a longer duration, making it a cost effective option.

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