Why is Pre School in Juhu important for your child?

preschool in juhu

The preschool in juhu, for young kids is very important as it prepares themselves for school and improve their intellectual development motor skills and social skills. Pre schools can also help your child develop positive relationships with other kids and other adults and also care for your child safety.

Reasons to join preschool in juhu

Pre literacy

On an average kids who attend preschool are likely to score higher on reading test then those who don’t attend preschool programs. Teachers in the early childhood classroom often used songs games and books that encourage language development which can contribute to the future reading success of a preschooler.

Parent child relationship

preschool in juhu programs help kidz learn healthy social behaviours like how to get along with other people are resolve disagreements. It can make your child relationship with you more harmonious.

Language development

Best Preschool in Pune can also help your preschooler develop different language skills and expand their vocabulary allowing them to express themselves quickly for future communication. Besides that preschools allow parents and teachers to work together so that kids still have time with their families during the day.

Social skills

Preschool is one of the best places we’re young kids learn from older people and form meaningful relationships throughout the school years. It is that your preschooler will get a chance to socialise with other preschoolers learn from them play and practice other skills. Your child will flourish in preschool with exceptional preschool teacher who loves preschool and has a great deal of experience in young pre school children. Additionally kids can learn how to communicate with others and also develop an ability to interact and work in groups while they play cooperatively. They learn how to share and take turns. They also learn the importance of being patient kind and polite while resolving conflicts.


Going to preschool can be an exciting adventure for preschoolers enjoying games and activities that stimulate their minds. Besides free time they spent exploring safe environments while teachers will encourage creativity.

Learn through play

At preschool your kid learning through play using early childhood development principles unlike typical education system there are no grades or tests means there is no limit knowing only what’s necessary.


When your child attends preschool they can improve their perception and understanding of the world and it is at preschool they will face new challenges and experiences that can help them to become more intelligent.

Self esteem

Preschooleers learn how to take care of themselves like getting dressed independently which helps them develop self esteem and independence which is a key to having self esteem that allows them to achieve their objectives.


Ideally preschool is a place where your preschooler can explorer for the first time without adults or parents around just to have fun and the important life skills preschoolers acquired will be useful once they start school and they need to travel alone or public transport.


Preschool ideally develop relationships between children by interacting with their friends and they learn through play which plays an important role in pre school education.

Early learning

One of the best places to develop early literacy skills preschool as a preschooler can learn how to read and write they can learn new words that help them communicate better with their family members and friends despite not being able to grasping the meaning of the words perfectly.

Self awareness

It helps preschoolers understand themselves better by learning more about themselves activities like colouring drawing etc. This will help your preschooler build self confidence as they grow up.

Above all preschool is the first experience of your child in a structure chatting with teachers and groups of children soldiers and opportunity to learn share follow instructions and begin with the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school. As kindergarten becomes more akademik some parents look forward to send their kids to preschool. Parents might also stress that current trend to focus on pre math or literacy skills in preschool cuts into important play time and push the child to grow up to fast and it’s confusing especially with friends and family offer in different opinions and advice. When it comes to choosing us pre school parents are not forced to choose between protecting a child’s play time in making sure that the kids are ready for kindergarten.

A young child needs to feel cared for and secure with a sick teacher or a caregiver to learn and 3 year old child is able to spend time away from parents and build trust in relationship with adults outside the family. High quality preschool programs will nurture warm relationship among parents and kids and teachers can build a close personal collection with each child in the care. Child thrive when there is consistency in care between woman school and in best quality schools teachers value parents as the experts on their children. Parents can get daily reports on their child activity and regular meetings are scheduled for in depth conferences.