January 21, 2022

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Purpose of Attestation of your Certificates in UAE

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At a point you contemplate going abroad for whatever reason, be it employment visa, migration, studying abroad, setting up a business abroad or even travel, there are many legal and mandatory formalities you need to comply with. The UAE is one of the most preferred destinations for those looking to move abroad because of its immigrant friendly policies and better living standards.

The UAE has plenty of offers in employment and education for everyone. Millions of people from all over the world, especially from developing countries like India, migrate to the UAE every year in search of better opportunities, better lifestyles and better earning. One of the main requirements for those moving to the UAE is the attestation of certificates you possess – education, employment, birth, marriage, and the like.

Certificate attestation in the UAE is mandatory for various purposes such as Employment Visa, Family Visa, work card, etc. The original document is to be issued by the concerned Ministry of the home country which is then required to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Why attestation of certificates?

Attestation of certificates by a certified notary/Government department is proof that the contents of the certificate in question are true and fair. It is a confirmation of the authenticity of the individual and the certificates. Attestation has been made a mandatory requirement for everyone traveling to or settling in the UAE from other countries.

The top 5 purposes for getting attestation of certificates in the UAE are:

  1. Family Visa
  2. Work Award
  3. Student Visa or high-level training
  4. Opening a business branch
  5. Admission in schools and universities in UAE, etc.

Procedure for certificate attestation in the UAE

The procedure for availing attestation services in the UAE is generally as follows:

  1. Attestation from Notary in home country
  2. Verification of Foreign Affairs from Home Country
  3. Approval of UAE Embassy/Consulate from Home Country
  4. Approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE

Time period for attestation

The time period required for obtaining attestation of certificates by the Ministry or Department concerned may vary on a case to case basis, depending on the purpose of the certificate attestation. Generally, the standard time period required for any type of certificate attestation in the UAE is 8-10 days. However, one should be prudent enough to anticipate unexpected delays as well.

At the same time, there are options whereby the process of obtaining attestation can be expedited, like an express pass. You can connect with experienced attestation service providers in the UAE like Astute Attestation to get to know more about the same. The team of experts at Astute Attestation can help you obtain certificate attestation in no time.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

There are many cases wherein the attestation of certificates is required to be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), UAE. The major instances where MOFA attestation is sought are – education certificate, marriage declaration, birth certificate, etc. For any attestation purpose, attestation by the MoFA is the last stage in obtaining certification attestation in the UAE. Once it has been authorised and attested by the MoFA, the document stands verified and the individual may proceed with his course of action as intended.

Why Astute Attestation?

Astute Attestation has been at the forefront of providing world class and trusted attestation services in the UAE ever since their incorporation. Being one of the leading attestation and visa facilitation providers in the UAE, Astute Attestation with its team of qualified and skilled personnel have been rendering unparalleled and quality services for their clients all over the world. If you are looking for an attestation service provider in the UAE who can assist you in obtaining certification attestation, then look no further beyond Astute Attestation. Connect with our team today to know more about our services.

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