Do outsourcing of quantity takeoff services benefit the construction project?

quantity takeoff services


 Construction professionals are now realizing that it is much more efficient to outsource their construction quantity takeoff services. In addition, they can save hundreds of dollars by doing so, as well as enjoy a number of other benefits which includes.  A second set of eyes on a critical project of construction. It is because it is necessary to have a second set of eyes on your plans, specifications and drawings to ensure that your plans are being interpreted correctly.  Also, to make sure that all materials that are accounted for and that pricing is correct. From time-savings to cost-savings to quality control and more.  There are many elements that you must consider when determining if quantity takeoffs should have been done internally or outsourced.

Awareness of outsourcing of construction project

The outsourcing of quantity takeoffs is a new concept for the construction industry. A few years ago, quantity takeoffs were performed by hand with a book of construction blueprints and a calculator. Those were the old days, and things have changed since then. Many construction professionals are beginning to see the significant advantages of outsourcing their work. They also have a new option for saving time and money on projects.

 As a result, they have more time to devote to other aspects of the project that require their attention. The amount of time and money that the professionals can save will be determined by their decision to outsource. Although the professionals outsource different tasks for each project based on a variety of parameters such as the project’s size and complexity,

Major benefit of outsourcing

  • Outsourcing your quantity takeoff services saves you money in both hourly wages and overhead expenses. It is because you do not have to pay an employee’s hourly wage or provide healthcare benefits or other overhead expenses. You only pay for what you use rather than paying an employee regardless if they are working or not. In addition, if you need 5-10 sets of quantities you will usually receive discounts based on volume of work.
  • When the construction project is going on, it is very important to have accurate information about the quantities of the material required for completion of the project. If a contractor has accurate information about the quantity of the materials required, he can easily manage the procurement process for the supply of material.

Reason behind the outsourcing estimation

Construction bidding and estimating are extremely time consuming and stressful. The key to overcoming this is to ensure you have a reliable method of taking off quantities from your drawings and plans. Using a trusted service for quantity takeoffs will allow you to focus on what you do best, which is managing your business, bidding on more contracts and writing better bids. Here are some of the reasons to estimate through an outsourcing company:

  • A great level of accuracy and quality, it saves time and money, 
  • It is less expensive than doing estimation in-house,
  • No need to hire additional resources or train them, no need to buy new software’s and much more.

There is a lot of risk involved to perform the task of construction estimating services. However, managing every stage of construction is challenging and requires a lot of attention. You can measure the quantities of material and labor by the processes of quantity takeoff. It is necessary to prepare quantity takeoffs in the estimation phase. Also, the estimation will allow you to understand the cost that can incur during the project. It helps you to provide an accurate bid with no future errors or miscalculations.