10 Good Reasons To Wear Blue Sapphires

Connect and heal with purpose throughout the world by introducing blue crystals into your life. These Blue crystals are much more than little sparkling rocks. Blue sapphires from eternity are known as the life-giving energy gift of Mother Nature. Available in endless colors and enchanting energies, they are divine ways to live a passive, prosperous, and beautiful life. Starting from the alignment of chakras to shielding against negative energy and manifestation dreams, blue sapphire is everything you need. 

Noteworthy Reasons To Wear A Blue Sapphire:

1. Exhibit Peace: 

The mysterious, deep blue of a sapphire has been associated with a wide range of concepts throughout time. In modern times, the belief is that these stunning gems have the power to free their owners from all kinds of spiritual stress and unpleasant thoughts. They also symbolize rejuvenation of mystical and lofty vibrations if you wear a blue sapphire. Since centuries, sapphires have been linked with the virtue of humility. In fact, they are marked as the epitome of honesty in the pursuit of justice.

2. Mysteries Blue Color: 

Choosing the right blue crystal is truly an instinctive matter. The amount of iron and titanium present during formation determines the stone’s color. The more iron and titanium in the stone, the richer its color. Colors like royal blue, cornflower blue, and light blue are popular in sapphires. The Neelam gemstone’s color is also a symbol of romance and love.

3. Bind Relationships: 

Blue sapphires are a heavenly gift for the throat chakra. It corrects expression, and it seems worth considering that blue gemstones might be a tool in taking your relationship to new heights. If you wear a blue sapphire, it allows you to create more nurturing moments with the people you care about. Relationships benefit from blue stones’ calming energy as well. They can facilitate a deeper level of understanding between you and your spouse, nurturing your bonds. 

4. Enable Throat Chakra Healing: 

The fifth chakra, or throat chakra, is located at the base of the throat. It’s linked with the color blue sapphire. It may enhance our capacity to establish healthy boundaries, connect with others, and experience belongingness. When we speak our truth, it is a sign that our throat chakra is open. Wearing a blue sapphire gives us assurance and a more stable equilibrium. 

5. Physical Healing: 

Blue crystals heal problems with the mouth, throat, thyroid, neck, and shoulders because of their connection to communication with the throat chakra. It’s easy to neglect the significance of the throat as well as the interconnectedness of the entire upper-body system. These ailments can be healed with blue stones.

6. Spiritual Uplift: 

The air and water energies of this stunning blue stone are connected with the sky. Its blue hue can be seen in the background of our planet. With the gentle enchantment of twilight and the coolness of rivers, it is a must to wear a blue sapphire that blesses us with confidence. This stone gleams in the throat chakra, making a connection to Neptune and Mars.

7. Wealth Enhancement :

 Blue crystals or Neelam gemstone can help you get your financial upsurge all together and make impactful decisions grounded in logic and reason. These blue crystal stones have a heavenly influence on leadership characteristics, thus improving communication and fostering original thought. This transforms you to make a better position to make choices that will improve your finances. Blue gemstones are awe-inspiration for any endeavor, whether it be creative art or commerce. 

8. Magical Healing Gemstone: 

Wearing a blue sapphire will bring about favorable improvements in the wearer’s life quickly. The majaority of people nowadays care about making progress and dramatic shifts. As a result, the Neelam gemstone meets their needs in this respect. The power of Blue Sapphire to change one’s life is undeniable.

9. As a Wedding Gift:

 The passing of each year of marriage is marked with a certain gemstone. When celebrating 45 years of marriage, sapphires are perfect and meaningful gifts. Because blue sapphires are considered a talisman of good health, purity, and long life. This gemstone builds a nurturing bond between success, beauty, and inner serenity. The sapphire’s royal color serves as a token of recognition for a marriage’s half-century anniversary. Wear a blue sapphire to symbolize trust, optimism, and happiness for your love.

10. All Worth Your Money: 

There are a wide variety of possible prices for sapphires. The most expensive gemstones in the world are sapphires or  Neelam gemstones, which are a deep blue color. They are highly sought-after because of their richness of color, ability for construction, durability, luster, and the outstanding fact that they are second only to diamonds in hardness. Depending on their clarity and color, sapphires can fetch anywhere from $25 to over $11,000 per carat. A larger, lower-quality stone may be significantly less expensive than a smaller, higher-quality one because pricing is often decided by quality.

The world record for a sapphire was set at an unbelievable auction price of $17,305,996. ‘Blue Belle of Asia’ was auctioned off by Christie’s in Geneva, Switzerland, back in November 2014. Its carat weight was an astounding 392.52!

Blue sapphire awakens the intuition with divine magical healing powers. From making healthy decisions in life to carving your own path, blue sapphire can balance it all. We at Navratan adore this game-changing gem and offer a wide range of exquisite collections to make you experience the magic of this ocean-colored crystal.

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