6 Reasons Why a Bad UX Can Kill the App

The technology of developing apps has come a few years from now. It has completely changed the way of doing business. Online shopping has become so convenient with the advent of apps. With the help of smart devices, we can use these. For boosting the business productivity, the apps have helped a lot. But the user experience can be bad because this process has a number of flaws. Your app’s performance can be affected greatly if its UI/UX design is good. Now I will show you 6 reasons why a bad UX can kill the app.

1. Reloading time of the app is more – If the UI/UX of the app is bad then this can increase its loading time. Because of this the users will take less interest in using it. Your app’s user engagement can get affected if its interface design is bad. If it will take more time in loading then nobody will like it. Its users’ bounce rate is directly proportional to the reloading time of the page. There is a possibility of 32 % increase in the bounce rate if its reloading time is more than 3 seconds. Also, the bounce rate will be 106 % if it takes 6 seconds. Thus, for improving the user experience it is necessary to make improvements in its reloading speed.

2. Design is complex – For making an intuitive and more unique design of the mobile app, several features may be added in it by the developer or the designer. Their purpose may be to make the user happy with the new features. In order to give it an interesting look some irrelevant features may be added by the developers. If these features are not clearly understood by the users, then because of this the user experience can be very bad. So, it needs to be unique and simple, only then the users will like it.

3. Navigating it is very difficult – If it has a perfectly organized user interface then the users will definitely like it. It is because browsing the products and services will become easy for the users. For making it easy to use and more user friendly, its design needs to have a good UX/UI and for this an expert is needed. For purchasing the products, the customers do not take any interest in going to the products’ rack. Instead, they are taking interest in purchasing online so that they can do shopping in an organized manner. For fulfilling their demands easily, the ecommerce platform has been made. The app needs to offer easy navigation. If it does not provide that kind of navigation then the user can get frustrated and uninstall it.

4. It abandons user access – If the visitors are not able to thoroughly access the pictures, then we can say that its interface design is bad. Before buying something online the user wants to get complete details about the product and if he can’t get those details then he will not make a purchase. Because of this you may lose a large number of customers. By allowing the users to clearly see the required product images you can satisfy them. You need to provide a zoom in feature in your app so that the users can clearly see the images of the item of their interest.

5. The content is movable – Every day you can lose a large number of customers if on your app’s other pages, they can’t navigate easily. For making a smooth movement of the user in the content, hosting the optimized content will be a good idea. If you take interest in building a healthy relation with the users as well as in enticing them you need to create an easy to use and engaging design. In order to improve the monthly revenue sheets of your company this will help you a lot. If you want to get good images then take the help of professional photographers.

6. Difficulty in communication – If accessing your contact details is not easy for the users then they can get irritated. Because of this, getting services from your company can be very difficult for them. The customers will start thinking that you do not take them seriously. For solving this issue you need to create a mobile app that is user-centric.

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