5 Reasons You Should Buy a Motorcycle

If you’ve ever seen the film Easy Rider, you can understand the allure of just getting on a motorcycle and roaring off to wherever the road takes you. True, the film doesn’t end well for the protagonists, but before that how could you not be attracted by the freedom represented by riding a motorcycle down the highway, or through a forest lane, or over a dune in the desert or beach? There are many reasons people choose motorcycles, and here are five of them.

They Cost Less Than Cars

Even a brand new motorcycle costs far less than a used car, even though there are some models of motorcycles that can achieve the same speed as a car that costs multiples of the motorcycle’s price. This is even more true if you happen upon a dealer that has used motorcycles for sale. Not only is it less expensive to buy a motorcycle, but it is also less expensive to maintain one. Motorcycles on the whole don’t break down as often as cars do, and of course, when it comes to swapping out old tires for new, you only have to deal with two as opposed to four.

Motorcycles Are More Fuel Efficient

The smaller size of a motorcycle makes it inevitably less of a gas guzzler than even the most fuel-efficient car. On average, motorcycles get 30 to 40 miles per gallon. This is true even though the engine of a motorcycle revs up higher than the engine of an average car. A motorcycle doesn’t weigh as much, does not have as many cylinders in the engine, and its tank simply doesn’t need as much fuel. These attributes make a motorcycle more eco-friendly along with the fact that the machine doesn’t need as many nonrenewable components to build. Companies are now developing motorcycles powered by electricity, which will make them, even more, fuel-efficient.

They Give You a Workout

Whatever you may think of driving a car, it is not a form of exercise. You need to move your body to move your bike in the direction you want to go, and though the benefits are small, you do get a nice cardio-friendly workout. Some compare it to driving a car after the steering wheel has been thrown out. It may be scary at first, but having to use your whole body to steer the machine can give you a feel for it like nothing else.

Lane-Splitting Can Be an Option

If you drive a car, you’ve probably been in a traffic jam, and you’ve probably seen a person on a motorcycle blithely weaving in and out of traffic. You may have been annoyed, envious, or both, but there are some states where that kind of lane splitting is perfectly legal. The maneuverability and size of a motorcycle can be the difference between being late for a crucial appointment and being right on time. Just make sure lane splitting is legal in your state.

Just for the Thrill of It

Though the aforementioned reasons are good enough to invest in a motorcycle, it’s safe to assume that most people buy one simply for the thrill, the power, and the freedom of operating one. For many motorcyclists, nothing beats “pinning the throttle” and feeling the wind grabbing at their clothes, the whistle of wind in their ears when they achieve high speeds, the rush of adrenaline, the ability to leave the highway altogether and challenge all manner of terrain where cars and trucks and even people on foot can’t go. For some people, riding their motorcycle is calming, stress-relieving, and a time to clear the mind and take stock of their life. There’s also the feeling of ultimate mastery over the bike itself.


In conclusion, there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle. Aside from the fact that it can get you from place to place with ease, it is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, gives you a bit of exercise, and is simply exciting. Another thing: despite all those films and television shows featuring burly men on their motorcycles, riding is just as exciting for women. If you’re a girl, don’t think you always have to ride a pillion or in a sidecar even though they also have their enjoyment. If a car is way out of your budget right now, consider investing in a motorcycle.