What is Reddit? Understanding Reddit and Its Role in Social Marketing With Gaurav Heera

Reddit is often lost in the background when people discuss social media. Unlike mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Reddit is not talked up often by marketers or users.

In many ways, marketing on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is very similar. A homogenous approach with some variations can be deployed to ramp up engagement on each platform says Gaurav Heera.

Reddit is different though. Unlike other mainstream platforms that have a simple content publishing system, Reddit is a little more complicated. It has a number of communities created based upon an array of different factors such as topic, interests, geography, identity, and so on. From the most popular groups to the smallest ones, each different community is likely to be very protective of the content it allows to be posted on the group.

In a way, Reddit truly encapsulates a communal approach to social media as opposed to Instagram and Facebook which are more global in nature.

Even the best digital marketing institutes view Reddit as a tough nut to crack. In this article, we try and understand and Reddit can be used to meet marketing goals and its advantages in the long run says Gaurav Heera.  

How to Use Reddit for Marketing?

The first step is to join all communities (subreddits) relevant to the products you later want to sell. Join communities with low number of members as well since it’s easier to create a persona and get engagement on smaller subs.

Once you have joined, study the content posted and the comments. Observe the kind of content which gets the maximum traction says Gaurav Heera.

One thing you’ll notice is that people on Reddit do take a genuine interest in the community they belong to. They reward comments and content which is truly high quality and engage more rapidly. All in all, an upvote on Reddit means more than a like on Facebook simply because the one doing it knows he/she won’t be discovered for doing it.

By contributing more content to subreddits, you can build a reputation for yourself in the form of karma. Your karma count is a metric that gauges the popularity of your content. Using tools like TrackReddit, you can also track when your brand is mentioned on Reddit, which can in turn help in creating an engaging dialogue about your content says Gaurav Heera.  

Why Use Reddit for Marketing?

You must be wondering why wasting time on Reddit is important when you can use Facebook for much more cutting edge marketing outcomes.

The audience you manage to build on Reddit will be much more loyal compared to the people you bring from other social media channels. This is because people on Reddit genuinely take an interest in your content and the products you promote. While it takes time and effort, an audience on Reddit is likely to be much more convertible and loyal compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter says Gaurav Heera.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we cover the basics of Reddit and how it can be used by companies to market their brand.

About Gaurav HeeraGaurav Heera is a social media strategist and analyst at DelhiCourses, a training institute focused on skill-based educations. It is a digital marketing institute in Delhi which is very popular because of its illustrious alumni, some of whom are now the most sought after talent in the industry

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