Top 5 Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Cost is one of the imperative factors that each of us take into consideration when taking an important plunge in our life. Isn’t it? Suppose you want to buy an asset with specific benefits. In that case, you do need to pay a hefty amount with respect to the features and functionalities you wish to have in a particular possession. Now if you look carefully, the condition with mobile app development is no different. Yes, you heard that right! Building a simple app for your brand is way more inexpensive than an advanced application with a higher number of bells and whistles. In short, your potential mobile app development cost will depend on unique features and functionalities that you want your mobile software to include. However, if you want your smartphone software to do a particular transaction or operation only, you will have to put just a tiny dent in your pocket. But the question is, how much do you need to pay exactly to a top mobile app development company to create an app for your entity? Well, the answer to this question is discussed in detail in this primer. So, let’s peruse that right away:

What Is Mobile App Building Cost Based on App Type?

As discussed above, the set of features you want your mobile app to possess is the main factor that decides actual mobile app development cost. Generally, smartphone applications can be divided into four major groups, based on:

  1. Purpose 
  2. Complexity 
  3. Total number of work hours required

For example:

  1. Simple

When we say simple, we mean applications that have only 3-4 screens and one core function. Such mobile device software shows pretty simple information collection and doesn’t even keep any data of users. The expenditure required to construct such applications is the lowest, i.e., between $1,000 to $10,000. So if you want to get a basic mobile app developed for your agency right off the bat, please hire experienced android app developers on the cloud now. 

  1. Database-dependent 

Assume you want to get a bit of a complicated app developed for your organization that stores data on mobile devices of customers or any remote server. In that circumstance, your mobile software would need:

  1. Your users to register on your program
  2. To allow your users to find their desired products and services along with taking inputs
  3. To sync data between several devices 
  4. To join remote web services 

Thus making the most of APIs or Application Programming Interfaces could influence the total expense of your app development at the end. And the most important thing? The fees to make such apps could vary between $10K to $50K according to seasoned iOS app developers.  

  1. Multi-functional

Do you know that various core features and customized UI facilitates the performance of a lot of business activities? But there is a catch! Such mobile programs generally require:

  1. Massive databases 
  2. Advanced user interfaces 
  3. Commerce integration 

And that’s what boosts the actual charge of mobile app development which ranges somewhere between $20,000 to $500,000. 

  1. Games 

Coming to the next type of app development, i.e., a Gaming app. So making gaming apps can set you back by around 5000 USD for just the simplest version. However, when it comes to gaming apps with 3D environments or robust physics engines, you will have to splurge almost $250,000. Hence if you are considering preparing a gaming application for some time, it is the right time to make your mission successful by getting in touch with excellent android app developers.   

Please remember, whatever app you choose to create for your establishment, you must keep a few things in your mind. A case in point here is that your app development and delivery time will depend highly on the working speed of your prospective development team. For example:

  1. A simple app construction may take 2 weeks to 3 months to complete
  2. A dynamic app may require 3 to 6 months 
  3. A multi-feature app may need 3 to 9 months

And the most prominent part? If time is critical, your potential development team may have to employ extra staff or pay overtime to current ones, leading to higher cost of your mobile app development. Besides that, if you want to learn how much exactly you need to pay to iOS app developers to build your desired mobile software, it is a smart decision to shoot the breeze with the service representatives of a state-of-the-art IT firm. 

With that finished, it is time to take a look at:

What Are Some Solid Ways to Drive down Your Mobile App Development Cost as per a Mobile App Development Company?

  1. Get a Minimum Viable Product or MVP

Are you familiar with the fact that the dollars required to build a MVP app is pretty low when compared to the final product? Yes, it is true! And a few pros of creating a MVP according to accomplished android app developers are:

  1. You can develop and launch a MVP on your preferred platform
  2. You can raise money through your MVP for your main product creation
  3. Once you start minting money through your MVP, you can invest your time and money in final product development 
  4. You can avoid putting your time and money in building the original app in the first place

If you follow all these suggestions properly, the leading iOS app developers say you won’t have to break your bank for the targeted smartphone app development.   

  1. Pay attention to essential features 

Next, there is a common misunderstanding spread among hundreds of techpreneurs that integrating wads of features into an app is a great idea. But do you know what the truth is? It isn’t. Yes, the basic idea of a smartphone app is to ease down any transaction or operation to a great extent.   

Imagine looking at a cluttered screen fraught with different features and options. Don’t you think it will confuse you regarding how to act or which symbol or button to press. Therefore to eliminate this confusion, you can do one thing. You can concentrate on developing only essential features for your app that ensures secure operations and payments. By doing this, you can save a huge amount of your time and expense on your smartphone program development.  

  1. Use readymade templates 

Yes, utilizing readymade templates is another reliable way to fabricate your dream app without spending too much on your project. For a moment you might think that building an app from scratch will be more beneficial for your organization in the long term, but that isn’t a cost-effective decision. Therefore, it is a wise decision to be better off with various free templates available online for your mobile software creation in accordance with a reputed mobile app development company.

  1. Choose cross-platform development 

Manufacturing your dream app for a single platform is never a good idea, especially from the cost point of view. And if you have already made such a decision, you will have to rebuild your smartphone app for another platform, be it Android or iOS. Do you know why? Because the chances are high that your target audience won’t stick to any one platform and may use Android, iOS, or Windows devices. And that’s where cross-platform development can come to your rescue. It will help you save cost and time during your smartphone program creation by tapping a single codebase to build apps for multiple platforms.  

A few key types of languages are:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

And a few primary benefits of relying on cross-platform development are:

  1. Pocket-friendly and less expensive 
  2. Single codebase use for several platforms
  3. Higher chance to explore

Some famous tools that you can choose for cross-platform development are:

  1. Unity 3D
  2. Flutter SDK
  3. Ionic 
  4. React Native 

Now if you want any of these frameworks to be used for your mobile app production, please do not hesitate to converse with a renowned mobile app development company.

  1. Get down to troubleshooting 

Improvements and fixes in an Android, Windows, or iOS app are something that are required till the concerned software is in existence. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to have expert android app developers at your disposal who would guide you on how to minimize your mobile app development and maintenance cost throughout your app’s life. 

What Are Some Mistakes iOS App Developers Suggest Avoiding to Decrease Your App Development Cost?

According to myriads of researchers out there, the cost of actual app development often exceeds the budget planned by clients for their project. Thus the odds are high that the same thing might happen with you too. Have you ever pondered why? If not, we must inform you that there are instances when some hidden costs are included in the whole app development process that you need to detect as soon as possible and remove them to draw down your mobile app creation cost. For a better understanding of all this, we have some significant points to share with you: 

  1. Estimating incorrect UI/UX cost

This is probably the first mistake most business owners make. Just to let you know, the price of UI/UX depends mainly on four factors:

  1. How many devices do you want your app to run on?
  2. What operating systems do you want your mobile program to support?
  3. What features and functionalities are included in your software?
  4. What kind of design will your prospective app have?

Simple designs and features will be lighter on your pocket than complicated designs and a wealth of features. So the crux of the matter is that if you don’t have deep pockets at the moment, it is in your best interest to count on standard designs and features.  

  1. Not picking one between native and hybrid app

If you remember well, native apps require you to build separate software for separate platforms, whether iOS, Android, or Windows. But the case with hybrid apps is not the same. Yes, they are built to support several platforms simultaneously although the feel and quality of hybrid apps are a lot different from native ones. Still, if you don’t want to spend double the amount of hybrid app development on native applications, it is a sensible decision to take the former route instead of latter. And if you need help in taking the right plunge on this matter, kindly confer with the most knowledgeable executives of a premier mobile app development company.  

  1. Not factoring in the cost of updates 

There is a common misconception among a multitude of business owners that their app needs to be updated only when any change is required in their virtual product. But that is not true by a long shot. Actually a mobile app needs to be updated every now and then to:

  1. Improve its UI
  2. Enhance its UX
  3. Fix its bugs

And only when your software receives updates twice a year or twice a month, it can perform pretty well and capture a large number of active users. So make sure you do not forget this because planning for such updates beforehand will help you reduce mobile program development cost according to top-notch android app developers. 


  1. Not considering the cost of integrating latest features and functionalities
  2. Not checking implementation costs 
  3. Modifying the whole product concept 

On a concluding note!

So did you get the information you were in need of through this prose? If so, please ensure to get in contact with a globally-recognized mobile app development company and request them to make your smartphone app without a considerable investment.