Home renovation can be tough, especially when you are not updating your painting tools. The conventional methods and techniques of painting are not only time taking but cannot compete with what the 21st century’s modern equipment has to offer. Take paint sprayers; for example, they are efficient, terrific, labor-saving, convenient, and time-saving.

Paint sprayers are capable of covering large areas, and the handheld small cordless machines, e.g., Graco cordless paint sprayer is an exclusive paint sprayer gun for renovation and home improvement purposes. You can easily use these small champs for kitchen cabinets, lattices, doors, fences, or even walls for an effortless painting experience.

Let’s get to know more about airless paint sprayers, how they work, and how they are a great option to consider when renovating a home;

Airless Paint Sprayers

Everybody knows that airless paint sprayers are high-pressure spray guns that spray a very fine mist of paint particles onto the aimed surface, which makes the paint layer very softly and smoothly on the surface, giving it a shiny and glass-like finish.

Airless paint sprayers come in various sizes, from small handheld machines to large, heavy-duty professional guns; there is a variety when it comes to airless paint sprayers that leave you with different options to choose from according to your job.

A variety of different sizes and features like cordless guns allow you to use the spray gun without connecting the power cord to the power source because they don’t need direct power; similarly, there is a diverse range of print materials that can be used in the airless sprayer guns.

You can use water-based, oil-based topcoats, primers, wood preservatives, stains, oils, polishes, and aluminum paints in your airless paint sprayer guns. With that being said, it is true that the airless sprayer guns are quite versatile and highly functional machines that can help you quite a lot in your home renovation projects.

What kind of renovation can be done with an airless paint sprayer?

It greatly depends on the type of renovation you are going to conduct. If it requires painting the ceilings, walls, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fences, garage, doors, etc., the airless sprayer gun can efficiently take care of the job. Furthermore, if you are planning to renovate your front door or the exterior, including the façade, your gate, and the roof, again, airless spray guns are a great option to consider for your home renovation project.

Either you can choose one paint sprayer to complete the job with it, or you can choose from the large and small handheld airless paint sprayers, depending on your preference as well as your budget!

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Are Airless Paint Sprayers worth the Money Spent on them?

Although airless paint sprayers are an expensive investment than rollers and paint brushes, it is still an investment worth every penny spent on it. Even the most popular sprayer gun parts are easily available; for instance, you can easily find titan spray gun parts no matter where you live. This increases the reliability of the product, and you don’t have to really worry when it breaks down or stops working.

The life of an airless paint sprayer can reach up to quite a lot of years, depending on the maintenance and cleaning of the user. Experts say that if you follow the right maintenance and cleaning techniques, the sprayer paint will stay functional for up to several years. Therefore, spending on airless paint sprayers is definitely worth it than spending on rollers and paintbrushes.

Home Renovation with an Airless Paint Sprayer

Now that we know, airless paint sprayers cannot only be used for home renovation protection but are one of the most exclusive machines for this purpose; let’s get to know how to paint like a pro with an airless paint sprayer!

How to Paint Safely with an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers use very high pressure to apply paint, this pressure can reach up to 3000psi, and this much pressure makes it difficult to control the machine, especially if you are not experienced enough. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to maintain your and the safety of your gun;

  • A trigger guard and a shield around the tip of the gun are a must, and you should always have them on your sprayer.
  • Keeping the gun’s safety locked when the gun is not in use is a great way of ensuring the safety of the gun.
  • Never place your finger or hand in front of the tip of the gun while spraying the paint. Some users unintentionally use their fingers to unclog the gun tips, do not do that!
  • Make sure that you disconnect your gun from the power source when you are done painting, and always clean the gun when it is not attached to the power source.

Preparing the Surface

If you are renovating an old home, it is likely that the old paint has peeled off from certain places or cracked from some places. For such homes, you should first give good scrapping to your walls before you start spraying them with paint.

The next step in spraying is to mask any surface that you don’t want to paint with tapes and make sure to pull it off before the paint dries, or it might peel off the paint along with it.

Painting with an Airless Paint Sprayer

Painting with a paint sprayer is not that difficult; just make sure that you follow the steps;

  • Don’t place your gun too near or too far away from the surface.
  • Make sure the gun is moving when the trigger is pulled; if you intend to take a break or start the surface from the other end, let go of the trigger first.
  • Place the gun in a perpendicular direction to the surface and paint at a right angle. The overlap must not be more than 50 percent, or an uneven layer will form on the surface.

Over to You!

Airless paint sprayers are a great investment for home improvement and renovation projects. The cleaning and maintenance are a bit tough, but it’s definitely worth it as it adds to the lifespan of your gun!