Solved: Roku Blinking White / Blue Light

Roku streaming players are becoming incredibly popular these days. Sometimes, the Roku device starts blinking with either blue or white light. 

These lights are the indications of the troubles that stop the Roku to work efficiently. This article will be discussing why Roku starts blinking blue light or white light.

The reasons for Roku light blinking are not severe, therefore, simple solutions can prove to be effective.

The main reasons for both types of blinking are linked to the internet, whereas, a red light on the Roku device indicates a power-related issue or insufficient power supply to Roku.

Let’s have a look at the issues that are indicated by Roku Light blinking and the reasons for  Roku blinking blue light / Roku blinking white light. 

Roku blinking blue light: Inactive Internet Connection

  • Roku blinking blue light alerts that the Internet is not active at the moment. It actually indicates that the problem lies with the Wi-Fi or modem.
  • For the solution to this problem, the first and foremost solution that can be applied is to check the Wi-Fi connection and fix the internet connection issue with the Wi-Fi router.
  • Then try re-booting the modem and the router.
  •  It may happen that relocating the Roku device catches a better Wi-Fi signal, so give it a try.
  • Try the new location of the Roku device closer to the router and modem. It may result in the reception of a stronger signal.
  • The blue light may also represent a potential connectivity problem. As a solution to this problem, try plugging in the Roku directly to the HDMI port. The use of adapters should be avoided. 
  • Roku Blinking blue light indication can be just a normal indicator light. It may indicate a status change or the device being shut. Therefore, before jumping to a conclusion, observe the light blinking pattern. If it normally happens before every shutdown, then it is normal.
  • Another reason for the device to blink blue can be a compatibility issue between the device and the TV. As a solution, try connecting the device with a different TV. 

Roku Blinking White light: Internet Connectivity Issue 

If Roku blinking white light, then it indicates that the internet connection between the router and the Roku device is not established.

Try the following as a solution:  

Check The Internet Connection And Its Connectivity With The Device

  • An internet connection providing strong connectivity is crucial for the Roku device to work. 
  • Use correct network SSID and password.
  • A weak internet connection will result in interruptions in media streaming from Roku.
  • This connectivity issue may arise due to a poor Wi-Fi signal.
  • The defect may also lie in the router. 

Try to troubleshoot with the steps discussed below: 

Give Roku a restart. This step sounds basic, but it will result in better functionality and better performance for Roku. 

  • The process for Roku to restart is simple. It can be done by Choosing the System option from the settings menu. Then click on the option of System Restart.  
  • With the help of the Roku remote scroll down to settings on the home screen menu.
  • Click on the Network option.
  • The connection Information can be accessed from the About page available on the Network page.
  • This page includes all the necessary information regarding the connection type, downloading speed, and signal strength.

 If this information is currently not visible, it signifies the lost internet connection.

  • If the information signifies a weak signal strength, then follow the set of instructions displayed on the screen.
  • If the connection is successfully established, then scroll down the screen to check the Connection.

If the connection is not established till now then try resetting the network Equipment. It can be an excellent idea.

 However, a reset will result in erasing all the current internet settings, so before adopting this extreme measure note down the current settings.

Check the HDMI cable and the chord

  • This case is less likely to happen but if a faulty wired connection is a case, try another cable and check if the issue still exists.
  • In such a situation, the problem also exists if an RCA cable is being used instead of an HDMI cable. So, replace the RCA cable with an HDMI cable.

This can also help the router by preventing it from overheating and the HDMI cables are more durable.

HDMI cables provide a better streaming experience. 

Reduce the distance between the devices

  •  Improve the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity either by reducing the distance between the device and the router or by removing hindrances in the way, if any.
  • The white light may also get triggered if there is disruption at the end of the Internet Service Provider.
  • One other reason for obstruction in Roku and Internet connectivity may be the network pings. So try to disable the network pings

Final thoughts

The Roku blinking blue or white light is an occasional issue that can be experienced at times by Roku users. The causes behind these blinkings are discussed one by one in this article. Various methods by which the Roku light blinking problem can be fixed are also discussed.

If anything discussed above doesn’t work as a solution to the indication problem, then try performing a factory reset. But this drastic step will return Roku to its original state and will wipe off all the settings, preferences, and data from the device.