Know The Benefits & Uses of A Salto Key Card

If you are looking for a modern locking system, then you can choose Salto Key Card. Everyone wants to save, secure, and protect their precious things, properties, etc. It is not an easy task to choose the best locking system for a property. It is the issue now resolved by a “Salto key card.” It is very convenient to use, and you can use this card to access your property, without any key.

 In 2022, mechanical keys are something you want to leave behind now. They easily get lost, misplaced, and not too efficient. It is a perfect solution that allows the user to use modern technology rather than traditional ones to open the doors, lockers, etc., and provides greater and easily accessible control.

What Are the Areas Where This Access Control Is Used?


Give your employees, workspace colleagues, or co-worker the ease of keyless smart office door locks. They can control the opening of the doors using their smartphone, a smart credential, or a code given to them. A Salto key card let their system operators improve their work experience and easy access to control their workplace.


With Salto key card, you can extend smart access across your building. Our digital systems give seamless access to guest rooms, area entrances, access doors, elevators or lifts, gyms, conference halls, parking areas, and many more. Allow the modern, simple access option guests increasingly expect with digital key cards giving convenient access and safe access, improving guest journey in your building or home.


Salto key card enhances the living experiences with integrated, super-smart electronic locking systems. Our technology is perfect for apartments, residential housing areas, multi-family communities, vacation rentals, home care, etc. 


In a retail working atmosphere, it’s important to show who can enter or exit through which access points or not. It’s mandatory to track your staff, suppliers, or delivery with keyless and mobile access. SALTO is the solution, along with the ability to open doors remotely. It empowers employees with the easiest, smart key access to the place they need, adds or revokes authorizations in real-time, or allows quick and easy onboarding. 

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Advantages of a Salto Key Card-

Key cards for Employee, Visitor & Property Protection-

Salto Key card entry systems are instrumental in securing your employees, inventory, and property while providing peace of mind and utmost convenience to your employees. These devices also ensure that intruders or unknown guests are kept at bay for the property, and you can install such security system in your property including gym, hotels, or other private areas where only members can access such facilities.

A key card access system is designed to lock down during emergencies or cases. It offers protection against potential thieves and intruders in places like warehouses, parking, and company garages, and 24/7 facilities.

Types of Key card Access Controls-

Key cards control allows only trustworthy employees to enter the healthcare and research areas, government agencies, institutions, and other protected places. In addition, these settings might also use the biometric readers, retinal scanners option, and facial recognition required for the highest levels of security. 

Monitoring & Management Through the Easy Access-

To note the real-time working of the employees is another key card technology feature that can be helpful if any personnel issue or investigation is needed for additional information. 

Through this, we can also keep an eye on working hours and specified lunch and break times of your employees. In this case, you must generate such cards for each employee and their attendance will be recorded in your cloud server automatically. 

Smart & Integrations Advantages of The Key Card-

Key cards can be fixed into your building’s security management easily. Working with an intelligent system allows you to keep an eye on your employees if you are not on-site.

Smart features and real-time alerts can control your commercial property’s lights, locks, security, main entrance cameras, etc. It is especially great for the industries that receive and accept deliveries and maintain a specific temperature of their warehouse. 

Unlike traditional keys, each salto key card is unique to its holder. It can be changed or deactivated if lost, stolen, or a worker leaves the company. You don’t have to worry about changing locks and keys repeatedly.