SAP ASAP Methodology – Phases and Importance in 2021

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ASAP is abbreviated as Accelerated SAP Methodology. SAP designs this methodology for SAP project Execution in the most effective manner for reducing time and cost. With the use of this methodology, we can optimize the time, quality, resources, and more. In the below part of this page, we provide Phases in and Importance ASAP Methodology 2021 in SAP.

Phases in ASAP Methodology in SAP

Let us discuss phases in ASAP Methodology in SAP:

Phase 1: Project Preparation

It is initiated by gathering details and resources. Some essential milestone requires being included in this phase:

Milestones of Phase 1: 

  • Gather senior-level management support
  • Design an efficient decision-making process
  • Finally, build a qualified and capable project team

Phase 2: Business Blueprint

For SAP project execution, it is one of the essential phases and it has been defined as the business blueprint phase for helping extract details regarding the Customer Company that is relevant for project execution. Blueprint is in the form of questionnaires and this helps to search the details that uncover that how the company does business. Check out some essential tips during the blueprint phase:

  • In the SOLMN, set the scope: By using web age wizards, set the preliminary scope in the SOLMN so the SAP consultant may do scope verification exercise. 
  • Get The SAP Solution Manager Ready: At the time of the project preparation phase, Install SOLMN and keep it ready for use for the blueprint phase. 
  • Skills Match: make sure whether the skills match with scope. 
  • Make Sure that Team Selection and Mobilization are complete: Ensure that team members are mobilized on day 1 especially if it’s a fixed price and rate.
  • Complete The Project Management Plan: Try to maintain it as close to an original document made on day 1.
  • Get The IDES System Ready: For a system walkthrough, Make sure that the system is up and run from day 1. 
  • Follow SAP Best Practice: Based on scope, identify the necessary business functions and also turn on SAP best practices.
  • Conduct Hands-on workshops: Explain project objective and each ASAP methodology phase to the customer. 
  • Make workshop Meeting Minutes: pass meeting minutes to users at the end of every session. 
  • Make Detailed Flowchart Diagrams: Make flowcharts with business process role. It further helps the user to easily understand and sign BBP. 

Phase 3: Realization Phase of ASAP Methodology

SAP consulting team helps you to segregate business processes into cycle-related business flows. Cycle serves as an independent unit that allows you for testing specific parts of the business process. You can also work through configure the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG) as it is a tool that permits the illusion of SAP system in step by step manner.

Essential Tips: 

  • Get the Blueprint signed off: This is the most difficult part of any phase. Preparation, nonstop buy-in, and selling are the keys here.
  • Have the Developments Scoped and Approved: it is best for killing as many idealistic developments as possible. 
  • Document Functional Specifications: For later use, written specification should be completed. 
  • Configure Guide Generate vs Solution Manager: Make sure that your basic team does a proper configuration for making the system work for you. 
  • Update the Project Management Plan: It is essential for updating from a compliance and management standpoint.
  • Complete implementation or planning of the Training: complete Customer Project Training cycle and if you don’t do this then it implies that you decide for outsourcing support post-go-live. 
  • Regulate change Management Efforts: Make sure to efficiently employ all change Mgt methods and techniques. 
  • Test: It is important to decide on a testing approach frequently since every project will be slightly different needs. 
  • Review The Project Solution: SAP or 3rd Parties help to validate the final solution and design approach. 

Phase 4: Final Preparation

It concentrates on fine-tuning of configuration before go-live more essentially, the migration of data from the old system. In this phase, you conduct workload testing and integrate or functional testing. This ensures the data accuracy and stability of the SAP system.

Essential Tips: 

  • Realization of the Phase Document Signed-off: as blueprint signed off, same as tra8ining and continuous buy-in and selling is the key. 
  • Complete development (FRICE): complete all reports, forms, interfaces, conversion, and improvements. 
  • Finish the End-User Training: Train the end-user and make sure your life easier. 
  • Project Management Plan must be updated: project management plan updated from compliance and management standpoint of view.
  • Deploy Change Management Worldwide: In this phase, the scope and scale of change management process must be swing into high gear. 
  • Conduct a Final Project Review: It is an essential stage, especially if a large number of developments were essential.
  • Prepare a Data Migration Plan: Plan should include action items related to purchase orders, HR issues, and financial issues.
  • Solution Manager Should be Up-to-Date: This must be a minor issue at this point as you should use it for both the blueprint and realization phase with all documentation.

Phase-5 – Go Live with ASAP Methodology

Go-Live milestone though is easy itself. However, achieving a smooth and boring Go-Live is another matter overall. Here, for successful Go-Live, Preparation plays a significant role.

It includes attention to various aspects such as:-

  • What-if situations regarding the individual business processes deploy.
  • Technology functioning underpinning these business processes.
  • Preparation for ongoing support, including maintenance contracts.
  • Finally, the documented processes and procedures essentials

Key Points And Tips

  • Formally announce that SAP is Live – make sure that in the company every stakeholder knows regarding the go-live of the SAP system.
  • Get Signoff – Get the sign-off from the customer on each aspect of the project. Payment does not occur until you get the sign-off.

Phase-6 – Operate

This is the last phase of ASAP Methodology and it starts after Go-live. Here, SAP consultants give support to end-users, managers and power users, etc. When a user starts working and faces any problems then the support consultant gives support by resolving the tickets. They work to make sure that smooth functioning of the application and the comfortability of the users for using the system.

How It Is Significant For SAP Consultants

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