Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth with These Favorite Candy Bars

A trip to a candies shop can excite anyone. Seeing all those flavors, colors, and sugary drinks can immediately bring a smile to the face. From chocolates to sweet treats, there are new and exciting flavors and candies to try. The stores are now becoming more and more creative with the flavor combinations to ensure they offer their customers the best. Jelly-filled candies, flavored chocolate candies, and numerous other choices will just be the perfect fit for a person with a sweet tooth. If you are a sweet lover, consider trying out the following chocolates as they surely will curb your cravings and deliver the satisfaction you want.

1. Bounty

If you are a chocolate lover, then trying out this chocolate is worth it. The bar is loaded with chocolate and sugar inside and a thick coating of milk chocolate outside. This bar will fulfill your sweet cravings. Besides, despite a cost-effective option, you will get the same level of satisfaction.

2. Toblerone

If you are a fan of nutty flavors, then you need to try out this chocolate bar. Although not as sweet as other options, it is still the best option. The bar has a creamy and milky chocolate layer on the top with nuts on the bottom. It offers a great crunch with a smooth texture.

3. Butterfinger

Although it is odd among all the choices, the style can impress you. The bar is made using peanut butter layers wrapped with a chocolate coating. The buttery taste goes well with the creamy chocolate coating and offers crunch in the center. The crunch gives the bar a good texture which offers perfect satisfaction.

4. White Chocolate Reese’s

No one can resist the peanut butter and chocolate combination. The latest release from Reese’s is an interesting white chocolate treat. When feeling extra indulgent, you can purchase the bars. They are the perfect go-to snacks. Either way, the sweet and salty peanut treats will offer you just the right amount of texture and taste you need in a good chocolate bar.

5. Mars

This chocolate bar is one of the best you can find in the chocolate shops. The American version of the chocolate includes toasted almonds, while the England one includes caramel, chocolate, and nougat. The almonds help give extra crunch and some protein. Irrespective of the bar you choose, you will get out of this world flavor.

6. Oh Henry

This candy bar is manufactured in both Canada and America. Although there is a bit of difference between the two, the Canada version includes a nutty center surrounded by caramel peanut chunks and chocolate coating. But it does not form a perfect shape. At the same time, the US version has a caramel layer at the bottom of the bar, which is followed by nuts and peanut layer on the top. Finally, everything is wrapped around in a chocolate coating to form a uniform shape. Irrespective of the option you choose, you surely will satisfy your cravings.

7. Kit Kat Caramel Burst

Kitkat is my all-time favorite chocolate, especially the KitKat caramel burst, and sea salt is receiving a great response. The addictive crunch of KitKat is paired perfectly with a smooth caramel feeling and is finished off with a bit of sea salt to balance out the overall sweetness. The chocolate is a perfect combination of sweet and salty.

8. Caramilk

If you just can’t get enough caramel, then this candy bar from Cadbury is perfect for you. The candy bar is popular during the Halloween season. However, the demand for this can be seen around the year. With every bite of this chocolate, you will experience the smooth and silky flavor of caramel along with milk chocolate that will give you an out-of-world experience.

9. Hershey’s cookies and cream

Cookies and ice cream are popular, but if you wish to get this flavor in your chocolate, then you can purchase the candy bar from Hershey. But remember, this Cadbury bar can be extremely sweet, which means it is impossible to gobble down the entire bar at once. If you think it is too sweet, you can consider melting the bar and dipping fruits like banana, strawberry, or blueberries to enjoy it differently.

10. Cadbury cake bars

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? This interesting release from Cadbury is a go-to cake slice. The bar features a sponge and soft cake, which is coated with milk on the outside. The sweet and creamy texture of this bar is just perfect. It is worth trying as the bar is both unique and offers a guarantee of a new experience. If you love experimenting, then you need to try out these candy bars to see amazing details.

11. Lindt chocolates

There are countless options in Lindt chocolates. Besides, their flavors are just unbeatable. From fruity to nutty and spicy flavors, they have got it all. If you are not sure which flavor to buy, you can purchase their small forms to taste different flavors and then choose the suitable one.


There are different varieties of chocolates and candies available to try out. But for this, you need to visit a good B and check out the different options to see if you can find the right choice. Besides, it will ensure you do not spend money on something you do not like in the end. So do not hesitate to visit different candies shops to find the right fit for your sugar cravings.