Junk My Car: Sell Your Junk Car Instantly

No matter how much you drive a vehicle, you can never expect it to last forever. Most vehicles break down within a few years. Generally, a used car is one which is less than five years old, and therefore the value to fix it and sell it is significantly lower than its original value. This is not to say that the car cannot be fixed up; but you may come to think of it as an investment. Junk cars are usually sold separately from their exhaust systems. Although you may think that you can sell it separately, this is not possible unless the bodywork has already been stripped off. Many car owners opt for total body kits so that they can sell the entire thing, but this also increases the likelihood of rusting and deterioration. As such most junk car buyers usually keep only the engine, transmission and exterior parts.

Salvaged Vehicle

Sometimes, you can get rid of your vehicle by disassembling it. However, you should first make sure that what you have is a total wreck before attempting this. Most junk yards do not take cars which are not totaled. If you have a salvaged vehicle, you can sell it for top dollar just by disassembling it. You can even do this at home if you know where to get the parts.

There are many car salvage companies in every major city that will take your junk vehicle and give you a rough estimate on the repair costs. In case of an emergency, you can also ask for estimates from various dealers. The good news is that most dealers are more than willing to work with you as they are also in the scrap-booking business.

Disassembling Request

One option is to remove valuable parts on your own and sell them separately. This option is often a great choice, as some parts are very difficult to remove and should be left in their original packaging. In some cases, however, it would be impossible to remove parts without removing the gas tank. You should therefore first ask permission from the gas station in which your vehicle is sold before disassembling it to request permission to take the fuel tank out.

Sell Your Car For Cash

If you decide to attempt to sell your car buyer a whole, you may be wondering how you get paid for this service. Some scrap yards offer cash for junk service but you can also get paid using a different method. Many scrap yards will pay you a fee for bringing in your old vehicle. Some other junk yards like Acres Cash for Cars will pay you on a regular basis either weekly or monthly. In this case, you only pay for the service when you bring your vehicle to them. Other decent payment options include receiving a check in the mail or through your credit card.

Before getting involved with the junking of your vehicle, you need to research the entire process thoroughly. As mentioned above, there are a number of different methods to receive compensation for the junking. Researching these options thoroughly will save you time and money. For more information, see the resource box below.

Last Words:

In the end, junking your car yourself is a great way to help get rid of unwanted trash that often takes up valuable space in your garage or in your yard. The benefits to this type of self-help junking are numerous, including the ability to receive payment for your junk by selling your personal belongings. Additionally, you will be able to help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. Not to mention, you will likely feel better about yourself whenever you see the smiley face of a friendly yard worker.