Silently Monitor Employees Inside and Outside the Workplace with Spy Listening App for Android

It is a common question asked by the managers of great business firms that how can we monitor our employees? They think that it is almost impossible to track them throughout the working hours. But if they remain unable to properly track their activities it will cost them in the form of a bad reputation of their company. Theft at a workplace is a common thing nowadays. The overall environment of the workplace gets disturbed so it’s not about a single employee who is creating the fuss but it is about the overall health of a working place.

  • According to an estimate, employees are involved in 90 % of the theft cases in North America.
  • 20 % of businesses are suffering from cash theft.
  • 34% of the people try to justify their reason for stealing from the workplace and they think they are not doing anything wrong.
  • 72 % of crimes at a workplace are committed by male workers.
  • According to a report, U.S. companies suffer a loss of 20 % on every dollar due to frauds and stealing at the workplace.

These statistics show that a considerable amount of theft at the workplace is due to unfaithful employees working there. And every manager badly wants a solution. OgyMogy brings a super-spy app with its amazing features. One of them is a secretly spy listening app for android inside and outside the offices. Let’s discuss some important points of this feature that will not only inform you of all the situations going on in and outside the workplace.

1. Listen to Your Employee’s Incoming and Outgoing Calls

You can record all the incoming and outgoing calls on the android device of your employee. This way you can ensure they are not wasting their time in calling friends and family during working hours. Plus, you can keep a strict check on their activities and check out their work efficiency accordingly. Have a record of which received calls and analyze if they are talking to some agent who is against your corporate. And also, to whom they are making calls and wasting office’s precious time.

2. Get Their Calls outside the Workplace

Not only inside the office but you as an employer can also keep an eye on your employee if they get to escape in the working hours and do not provide the best of their services to the company. Maybe they are enjoying a lunch party or tea time with their friends by leaving work at the office. In such circumstances, you can hear them whatever they are talking about and to whom they are talking. On the other side, you can have a record if they are harassing another employee outside the office and blackmailing them. In these situations, you can take notice immediately and even fire them if necessary.

3. Get an Audio Record of the Office Surrounds

Some employees have this bad habit of backbiting their seniors, juniors, and employers. They manipulate people by saying bad things about others in jealousy. But now you can hear the surroundings of a targeted device and see what they talk behind your back. If they are plotting against your company in such circumstances you can analyze the situation accordingly. If they are backbiting about you, they will be caught red-handed with all the proofs.

4. Detect their Secret Calls

If your employees are making secret calls to someone then be aware of them may be, they are in a partnership with your enemy and leaking secret conversations or documentation to someone who wants to ruin your business. In that case, OgyMogy brings this Spy Listening App for Android feature through which you can detect their secret calls very easily.

5. Getting Alerts When They Are On Call

You will get alerts or alarms whenever they will be on call. You will be updated as soon as some malicious activity is being detected. You can record all their conversations and can present them as proof if needed.

With this Spy Listening App for Android, you can silently monitor your employee by silently listening to their live calls, surroundings, and whatever they talk behind your back. So, hurry up. Get this app installed as soon as possible and enjoy its wonderful spy features.

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