Perfecting Your Skin Care & Hair Care Routine

Now, if you’re on this article, it’s pretty likely that you have the basics of skincare and hair care covered. You got a nice conditioner and shampoo for your hair and a a reliable face wash and cleanser for your skin. Still though, it’s possible that you still suffer from some skin or hair issues, and if not, it’s possible that your hair and skin may not feel EXTRAORDINARILY great. This is pretty common, and you’d expect great results if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to. But somehow, the majority of the time, that doesn’t happen. Well, the thing is, it’s pretty likely that you’re not doing EVERYTHING you can for skin care and hair care. Of course, spending your whole day on self care is NOT what we’re telling you to do, that’d make your life quite banal and boring, but what we mean is that there are a few adjustments and modifications to your routine that you could easily make, that’d promise you extraordinary results instead of just adequate ones.

Use Hair Oils

Hair oils are an absolute game changer when it comes to hair care. They’re not even an extra step, we believe using hair oils is VITAL to your hair health. Nothing’s better for supplying your hair with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and more (your hair needs nutrients just as much as the rest of your body), and this is exactly what adds that natural & effortless shine, softness and healthiness that helps your hair reach another level. Not just that, your hair is fragile and the pollution, dirt and heat it faces daily doesn’t really help. Oils are what help protect your hair against that, and even repair the damage previously sustained. Hair oils are a godsend, and after you find the right one for you, it’s essential that you start consistent, long term use with them. We recommend that you look into coconut, almond, argan, and olive oils to see which one would suit your specific hair best.

Supplement With Hair Growth Water

Now, this step is different from the hair oil one. Rather than an essential, this fits more into the ‘going the extra mile’ box of hair care. Now, almost everyone can benefit with the use of hair growth water from a reliable, natural brand. Only people with way above average hair growth wouldn’t benefit, and that’s unfortunately a very small percentage of people. No one would mind denser, thicker, more voluminous hair that grows faster, and that’s exactly what hair growth water gets you.

Play it smart

There’s actually slight details here and there that might be preventing you from reaching the full potential with your hair and skin, and these are some pretty common mistakes, so we’ll give you some pointers. Firstly, a major mistake people make is shampooing everyday. This is a HORRIBLE IDEA. Shampoo cleans your hair and scalp, but both of those don’t need to get cleaned daily. Even more importantly, shampoo doesn’t only remove dirt, bacteria and the sort, it also removes your hair’s natural oils which are absolutely vital to your hair’s health, they are NOT supposed to be removed. Secondly, you have to be moisturizing your face and preferably your whole body often, at least once a week. Cleansing is important but your skin also imperatively needs nourishment, and moisturizer is for that exact purpose. Lastly, changing your products too often or not often enough are big issues as well. If you use your trusted products for more than 4 months, your body starts adapting to them, and naturally, their effect slowly gets lesser and lesser. Not only that, if you change them every month or so, your body doesn’t even have time to start adapting to these new products. The products don’t really even get enough time to start working their magic. A good time for using the same products would be three months, it’s not such less time that your body can’t adapt and it’s not so much that your body adapts too well either.

Use Rose water Spray and Aloe Vera gel

Rose water spray serves you like nothing else does. It’s a simple spray, so it’s super convenient to use, and the benefits are ENDLESS. It’s just the refreshing boost you need to counter any signs of fatigue on your face, and it works EXCELLENTLY by transferring all it’s rosy goodness and nutrients right to your face. It’s a great stress reliever and mood enhancer as well, and acts pretty well in rejuvenating your complexion as well. Aloe vera gel, on the other hand, has been used since ANCIENT times. It’s healing abilities are nothing short of legendary, working on sunburn, tans, burns, blisters, cuts, sores and acne too. Nothing clears your skin like aloe vera does. Furthermore, aloe vera gel, just like the handy rose water spray, has a plethora of nutrients that it soaks right into your skin , making it healthy and absolutely radiant.

As we said, most of the time, the basics are enough, but enough gets you just adequate results. We’re sure after reading all this that now you see how these small adjustments and additions to your routine can be absolute gamechangers, covering all the fronts a lot of people unintentionally end up neglecting. There’s sure to be something you felt you could add to your skin care or hair care arsenal, and we assure you, either of them would be MORE than worth the investment.