October 3, 2022

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How to Stay Free from Snow and Ice Removal Scams in Emergencies

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snow and ice removal scams

Snow scams are prevalent in every state. During winter, the snow and ice removal period, scammers try their best to lure homeowners into their net. Anyone can fall victim to their traps. Therefore, it is best to understand how to stay free from snow scammers even in emergencies. You cannot afford to throw away your hard-earned cash into the air. Here are some basics about these fake snow contractors in Downriver.

The Basics of Snow and Ice Removal Scams 

Snow removal scams primarily target the elderly and disabled in the community. They know that residents must clear off the snow to avoid getting fined. Therefore, they would require snow service providers to do it for them. So they leverage this to catch their prey.

How Snow Scams Operate in the Community

Scammers mostly drop flyers in mailboxes and go from door to door by sending representatives to advertise their cheap services. They tend to present offers that are too enticing to turn down. In the end, they get you to sign the contract and request upfront/full payment before work is carried out. A scammer will not give you time to consider the contract you are being offered. In the end, they may show up once or twice to clear the snow or leave town without a trace. Even if you try finding the company, you will discover it never existed.

Critical Steps to Avoiding Snow Removal Scams

Always try to conduct due diligence before signing any snow plow contractor. Check out their company credentials, license, identification and references before dealing with anyone. Do not enter a contract with anyone that shows up at your doorstep. You may further check them with BBB to confirm if they have any previous complaints against them. In addition, discuss with your colleagues, neighbours or friends to know if they have used any snow service recently. Know their level of satisfaction. Get your list of snow service providers within your community and compare. 

Find out what these snow and ice removal services offer in terms of:

  • Contract: is the contract for the whole winter season?
  • Services: what is included in their services? Do they have a different package for driveways, walkways and sidewalks, or are they included in just one contract?
  • Work technology: what type of snow removal equipment are they having? Find out if this equipment will damage your property or lawn. Is the method they are using environment-friendly? Consider these carefully.
  • What factors affect their prices: for some snow removal companies, your property layout determines the price charged. While some charge by the inch. 

If you are okay with your findings, then you can go ahead. If not, dump the and check in the next on your list. There must be a reliable and affordable snow removal service in your locality.


Do not rely on flyers or agents roaming from door to door to avoid getting scammed. Make an extra effort to know who you are about to hire to clear snow from your property. Once you get the proper snow and ice removal company, you can go about your everyday life knowing that the contractor will do your snow removal job professionally.  

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