Social Media Advertisment Management

Social Media Advertising Management includes topics related to how you should manage the ads you want to make on social media platforms. In other words, information about the selection of Social Media Channels suitable for your industry and business , how the content to be shared and the tools you will use are determined while creating advertisements are  explained. There are 3 main issues that you should pay attention on Social Media Advertisment.

What is Social Media Advertising Management

Social Media Advertising

Increase your interactions on social media. Aim to be intertwined with users by increasing actions such as sharing, likes and comments. Or  if your large amount of people take interest in your Ad you need to grow traffic on your page and other social media paltform,or want to boost your social media presence instantly,trhen that will be help to Buy facebook page likes Malaysia.  This is the primary goal of advertising on social media. When you advertise on social media, you need to think in detail from the quality of the design to the content of the shared content, analyze what your competitors are doing, and make a decision by evaluating the results.

You should increase user interactions with your web page. Focus on the time users spend on your site. Advertising a URL through social media is a huge advantage for sites. After the user clicks on the content that attracts his attention, he is directed to your site and starts to wander around the site by seeing other topics that interest him. While this organically increases engagement with your site, it also raises your brand awareness.

Give importance to your brand awareness. Report your increasing number of customers with advertisements. This allows you to periodically identify customer status, increases and decreases, helping you to draw a direction for the future.

Facebook Ad Management

 Advertising sharing on the Facebook platform is carried out from the ad button on the page or from the Facebook ad management section. You should determine the target audience on the page and create your ad shares by making plans suitable for this purpose.

There are 3 titles in Facebook ad manager.





You should highlight the posts you make on the page.  For this, you need to be familiar with the modules and features we will use. In this section, you can set the budget and timing of your advertisement according to the target audience you have set when you start creating an advertisement. This feature should be used on almost every page.

You must promote your page.  Page promotion ad takes information about your page and profile picture and prepares an ad model that can be seen on users’ timeline. With this method, you can access the friends of the users who follow your page.

Reaching people near your business allows you to reach people around your page address. When you determine a circle close to the business, you can show your ads to the audience you determined frequently.

You should increase your brand awareness. This ad module calculates the people who are interested in your ad and shows them to the relevant people during the time the ad is live. If you prepare presentations about the promotion of your brand and advertise, you can tell your brand to the target audience and inform the users.

The purpose of increasing reach ads is to increase the number of views of the determined content on the page. It is a method that can be applied for studies carried out in a limited time.


Redirect users to Facebook or non-Facebook pages.  Get users curious by placing links to your site on the side of your Facebook page.

Make sure that the applications you offer to users in Facebook are downloadable.  In this way, you can get more users to download your application and increase your recognition.

Create events on Facebook.  It is the piece of advertising that is then used to send event invitations to your page’s followers and potential followers. With this advertising model, you can determine who will attend or have the potential to attend your event.

Get views by sharing videos.  Facebook has the ability to directly play videos that fall on the timeline. By paying attention to the impressiveness of the videos you prepare, you can attract the attention of the users. Create video ads by identifying your target audience.

You can prepare surveys for your customers.  Even if it is not used much in Facebook, it is a very effective advertising model.

You can create application forms. In this way, you get the information of the customers and reach potential customers.

Make sure that the questions to be asked in the form are crucial and not boring. Increase the curiosity of users with the questions you ask.

Develop methods to easily access information about your potential customers.


Increase conversion on your website.  Facebook created this piece for you to analyze the actions on your site. You’ll come across the term Facebook Pixel when using the transform widget. This term means showing your ads on Facebook to users who visit your web page. Features you will use with Facebook Pixel;

You can see how users switch between devices before converting.

You can optimize your ads for target audiences.

You can create custom audiences.

You can manually create product ads dynamically.

You can access statistical data about your target audience.

You can direct customers directly to APPSTORE and Google PLAY by placing links that enable easy download of your mobile application via Facebook .

You can prepare special ad models for users.

You can prepare a catalog for the promotion of your company’s products. For this, your Facebook page must be registered in Facebook Business Manager.

You can invite your customers to your store by specifying the physical address of your store on your Facebook page.