Social media marketing Vancouver- What is Social Media Marketing?

It’s not for nothing that they say that when you don’t have social media, you don’t exist. Until recently, this theory only concerned individuals. But now it can be applied to entrepreneurs as well. So, we conclude: when a company does not have its own profile on social networks, then many will not know about it. What do we mean by the concept of “marketing” and does it exist in social media? What steps need to be taken and why to promote the company? We offer you the most important information on these issues as well as we offer the service of social media marketing in Vancouver.

Build Customer Relationships through Social media marketing in Vancouver

Brand awareness is an important strategic goal of the company. And this is where social networks have a big advantage over the media, radio and television. Firstly, it is the low cost of one contact: you can attract one visitor for less than using any other means, to assemble your own group, create an event or highlight an event, you do not need to invest huge funds. And secondly, everything is limited by the time spent on posting information and bringing it to potential consumers of services or goods.

First, let’s define what social media marketing is.

Social media marketing in Vancouver is a special Internet marketing tool used by us that involves promoting a product, service, company or brand through the use of social media, the content of which is created and updated by the efforts of their visitors using resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram.

By actively promoting social media profiles, it is easier to find new customers and get them to advertise a product or service. Social media will be used to redirect users to the company website, product or blog pages. It is also an ideal place to communicate with a fixed group of customers, to build a relationship between the brand and the consumer. Social media marketing helps in creating a long term marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing in Vancouver?

In general, social media are sites and applications for mobile devices that allow you to create and share content between users of a site or application. The interaction that takes place between users, as a rule, is unlimited and in real-time.

Social media marketing in Vancouver is based on a prepared viral marketing strategy. Well-prepared messages for this type of message can actually generate a lot of traffic. Interaction with portal users, tracking requests is essential.

The appropriate choice of social networks is also a very important issue. The best choice is the one where most people will be interested in your products or services. To choose a social network, you need to determine the target group, age, place of residence, gender and interests – that is, just a few factors that characterize potential customers. It is worth paying more attention to this issue, or even investing in research, to avoid the risk of bad choices.

How much does social media marketing cost?

The answer is simple. It depends on several factors:

  • the budget you can spend on a social media campaign;
  • what effects do you expect, for example: is an increase in traffic on the home page or profile recognition;
  • what stage of development is your company at.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing?

Among the main advantages of the SMM are the following:

  • direct contact with the client;
  • a large amount of information;
  • The attraction of new clients;
  • a large group of potential clients;
  • speed of information dissemination;
  • ability to build relationships with clients.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing:

  • the possibility of a crisis;
  • big noise;
  • lack of control over information;
  • social media actions in marketing take a long time.

Interestingly, most of the clients who asked us about their business on social media were unable to find their own flaws in promoting their pages. And seeing no danger, they easily made mistakes.

Tasks that we can solve using Social media marketing in Vancouver:

The tasks which we can solve using social media marketing in Vancouver are as follows:

  • PR;
  • branding, brand promotion;
  • mass non-personal advertising with elements of social significance, in order to ensure advertising coverage;
  • trade marketing – conducting incentive events among the social community;
  • social and online support for offline marketing activities;
  • social support for online marketing activities;
  • group dialogue with a group of active consumers who adhere to the subject of the company’s marketing;
  • social dialogue with an audience interested in solving problems and discussing tasks, problems and prospects close to the topic of the subject of marketing;
  • social promotion – popularizing the social value of the marketing subject of the company and the company itself;
  • cross-promotion with non-competitive companies and brands, within the framework of a common social target group for them;
  • verification of the views and aspirations of the social community with the plans and strategies of the brand and the company;
  • increase in traffic to the company’s Internet resources.