Where Can You Find Solar Panel Cable?

Homeowners definitely have a lot to weigh in the decision to invest in a solar array for their home so they can cut their energy costs. You’ll have to work with a company to create and install a solar panel array in the location on your property that is most likely to receive the most light throughout the year. You’ll have to configure and install an inverter, a battery pack, a charge controller and much more, and then everything will need to be properly wired.

Don’t let that last consideration, among all the others, be the one that deters you. When everything else is said and done, there is a good chance that your home will save on energy bills. Not only will your solar energy generation supplement or entirely replace your consumption of grid power, but any extra energy you produce will probably be fed back into the grid, and there is a high likelihood that utility companies will compensate you for it. In addition, some solar companies will even pay for all of the upfront costs of solar array implementation, taking a lot of the hard work off of your plate. 

Although it’s not the first thing that anyone thinks of when they hear the words “solar array,” solar panel cable is a critical component of a photovoltaic system that ensures the safety, efficiency and practicality of the entire system. The thing is, they’re not always labeled as solar panel cable, which makes it a little harder to compare apples to apples.

Some types of cables will be prominently listed as approved or suitable for use in a solar array, whereas other cables will be specifically labeled as solar cable, photovoltaic cable or PV cable, by which names they are commonly known. What you need to know about PV wire and cable is that it needs to be rated to the proper ampacity and voltage to be used with a given solar system; it also needs to be, among other things, resistant to weather and ultraviolet radiation, since some cable lengths will be outside year round. 

To see an example of cable that is suitable for use as solar panel cable, investigate some of the welding cable that is available at EWCSWire.com. As stated, PV wire and cable are not always explicitly labeled as photovoltaic wire and cable, and so you may need to dig a little deeper or solicit the help of a specialist to land on suitable cable.

For example, the welding cable in question is suitable for use as a solar hookup cable as well as for use as inverter cables. They are made with a tough EPDM insulated jacket and are rated to 600 volts between -50 and 105 degrees Celsius. These are tough cables with a tough coating and are also resistant to oil and gasoline; the EPDM coating is extremely resistant to chemical reactions and is also resilient in the face of UV light, extreme weather and temperature, and even ozone. 

All that, and they’re not even called solar panel cables. That’s why you might need to do a little digging in order to find the right equipment for your solar system. If you’re looking for a little help along the way, you can get in touch with the experts who offer the cables mentioned above. 

On their website, EWCSWire.com provides not just a steep array of specialty products but also the expertise to make your life as a buyer a lot easier.

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