A Step-By-Step Guide to Obtain a Bachelorhood Certificate

Obtaining a legal proof of your bachelorhood or single status involves multiple steps. The country like India, does not have any specific authority to fulfil this requirement. But, you can visit the local authority called a Sub-Divisional Magistrate or Municipal Corporation to request for this proof.

Here are some specific steps to understand and follow in order to acquire your bachelorhood proof.

Step by Step Guide

Let’s follow the instructions given below.

Discover Eligibility

  • The applicant should be aware that the age of the groom should be 21 or 21+ years. On the flip side, the bride should be 18 or more.
  • The bride and groom or either of them should be a native of India. It means that one should have the citizenship of India.
  • Since this letter of no marriage is concerned with the marriage, the marriage registration should be a month prior affair. Simply put, apply for its registration a month before.
  • If either of them is a divorcee, the decree absolute should be with him or her.
  • If the case is of a widowed person, the death certificate must be enclosed for verification.

Step 1: Set a Date for Wedding

Although it’s not a formal step, you should be aware of the objective for which you need it. It may need it for visa, marriage, or any other purpose. Mostly, it is required for marriage licence, especially when you are likely to wed abroad. In some countries like the Philippines, it can be needed when your marriage certificate is going to expire. So, gear up to apply for it beforehand.

Step 2: Visit the Notary & Then SDM and Bring All Documents

Now that you know that marriage is on your card, visit the county clerk’s office. It’s a legal authority to visit and seek evidence of your unmarried status.

Before going there, you should have all valid and authentic documents in your hand at a place. However, you can do it later. But, this will only add a few more days to seeking it. So, collect and keep them in order.

  • The very first step is to visit a notary public or a solicitor to test what you state and also, verify your documents for unmarried certificate application.
  • You (Non-residents of India) need to visit the embassy website and schedule an appointment. If you’re in India, visit the SDM office in person. The residents of Punjab can visit the official website, run by the government of Punjab for this purpose.

Step 3. Download Form

  • You need to download the form (if online), or seek an application for a letter of no marriage record and apply for the same.
  • Fill the details, which should be valid and authentic.
  • Now, upload the requisite documents.
  • Once done with uploading, click the submit button.
  • It will ask to pay a fee, which you can pay out online and save the receipt.

Step 4. Verification

The SDM officer will check and put the stamp of verification. But, this is not a cakewalk. The confirmation if you’re a bachelor is a must.  So, the verification goes like this:

  • Document Inspection

As you have submitted, your application goes under the review. The SDM office will align a person to initiate the verification process. He or she check if the documents are all original and authentic. Mainly, such designated officers concentrate on your affidavit stating bachelorhood and proof of Indian citizenship.

  • Background Check

Then comes the background verification. This is not compulsory, but suspicious cases may have to face it. It further strengthens your claim for the proof of your single status. This verification will cover social and marital status stated in local records, government databases, or inquiries with local authorities, especially in the area of your residence.

  • Publication of Notices

In a few cases, the SDM may ask to publish a notice of our application in the local newspaper or other media. This step helps in understanding problematic cases. By publishing, it allows the public to raise any objection in regard to that case. If it is notices, the officer will run another level of investigation.

  • Interview and Inquiry

This phase is a must to go through. The investigation officer or SDM will inquire. It will be like an interview, which will have you. The SDM office may conduct an interview or inquiry. This could involve meeting with you to ask a series of questions about your marital history or bachelorhood and family background. Be mindful that any suspicion can lead to rejection. So, always be true to what you are going to state in responses if you really want to avoid any objection.

  • Final Decision to Issue

Once the officers are sure that they did not find any suspicious or objectionable thing during checks, the SDM will issue the certificate.

Checklist of Supporting Documents

Here is the checklist of all documents that you would have to show up for the verification with the county clerk.

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Address Proof, which can be your driver’s licence, Adhaar card
  • Parent’s Proof (like their full birth names, birthdays, states, date of passing, if passed away)
  • Notarized Affidavit (as a proof of your unmarried status)
  • A Witness’s Aadhar Card
  • A Divorce or Death Certificate (in case of remarriage or second marriage)
  • Parents’ Affidavit (in case you’re underage, 18 or below, and want to get marriage)
  • Payment for the Fee
  • Attested certificate for changing the name of the bride after marriage
  • Invitation Card for Marriage
  • Passport sized photographs (of bride and groom)

Points to Consider

  • The government policies and rules are revised over time. So, the requirements and procedures connected with this document may vary by jurisdiction. You are requested to check with the relevant authorities for the latest information.
  • Remember this process is actually lengthy as the verification is not easy. It is conducted in multiple rounds. So, always hold your breath or have patience.
  • Take into account that accuracy is the key. Your information must be accurate and truthful throughout the process. Any discrepancies can cause blunders and eventually, delays.


The bachelorhood certificate is popular for proving that the person is a bachelor. It can obtain it from the SDM office and NRIs can get it through the embassy. Rest, you can follow the aforementioned steps and instructions to get it as soon as possible.

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