Student Accommodation in the UK: All About Guarantors

The UK is one of the world’s top contenders for students across the globe owing to its prominent universities, excellent standard of living, and various opportunities. International students headed to the UK for the first time have a lot to consider, from choosing the right university programmes, acquiring a student visa, finding safe and convenient accommodation, and making friends! To top it all off, accommodation providers may also ask for a guarantor for international students. It may also come as a surprise that student room guarantor services exist to provide guarantors for international students in university.

  • What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is any third-party individual who partners with you in taking responsibility to pay your rent. In the event that students default or fail to pay their monthly rent, guarantors are liable to cover the costs, which the student will have to repay to the guarantor eventually. Guarantors are also required to fulfil any expenses incurred in case of damage to the property.

Having a guarantor ensures that rent is paid on time even if the tenant does not have the means to. Most landlords and housing providers require students to provide a guarantor when they are filling their applications to stay at the property. This is why student room guarantor service providers are available to provide a trusted guarantor for international students as well as locals.

  • Why will I need a guarantor?

Guarantors ensure that landlords and accommodation providers receive their rent on time. They act as a safety net against students who find it difficult to manage their expenses or exceed their budget and cannot pay the amount in full.

Student room guarantor service ensures that all students get accommodation and are able to pay their rent in instalments. Guarantors for international students can be challenging to find as many students are unaware of the role of guarantors and may not want to invest in one. However, student accommodation providers and landlords often categorise students as high-risk tenants and require the security that comes with having a guarantor.

  • What is a guarantor responsible for?

Student room guarantor services often outline the responsibilities of guarantors in their agreements. A guarantor for international students is not required to stay with them at the premises nor does he/she have any right to the property. Guarantors are merely the responsible party that acts as a backup if the resident misses their instalment. Once the guarantor signs the guarantee (contractual agreement), they are required to abide by it until the agreement date ends.

In case the student lives with others in the apartment, the guarantor can agree to enter a “joint liability” which means that they’re obliged to pay rent for all those living at the property. A joint liability is always mentioned in the agreement and guarantors must read and understand the legal jargon of the contract and only then sign the agreement.

  • Who can be a guarantor?

There are certain eligibility criteria an individual must meet in order to act as a guarantor for international students. Your guarantor must be over the legal age of 18 years old and living in the UK as a resident. They must be working professionals with a good credit rating so they have the means to pay your rent if required.

Student room guarantor service providers ensure that guarantors are trustworthy and able to stick to their obligations. Landlords and student accommodation providers will do a thorough background check on the guarantor you provide during your tenancy application. If your guarantor is not up to the mark or if you provide a “fake” guarantor, your application will be denied and you’ll have missed out on a good accommodation.

  • What to do if I can’t get a guarantor?

If you are unable to provide a guarantor in your application for any reason, you may have to pay your rent in full amount upfront. However, before you give up there are some ways to find a guarantor. Universities offer guarantor schemes. You can apply to your university and if accepted, they will act as guarantor on your behalf so you can be a renter.

Student room guarantor service providers have a repository of guarantors for international students. All you need to do is apply online and submit your necessary documents. Once accepted, the service will supply a guarantor for international students.

A guarantor for international students is necessary as accommodation providers let you pay rent in instalments. Student room guarantor service providers offer a variety of guarantors based on the students’ specific needs. Before accepting any tenancy and guarantor agreements, always be sure to read and understand the entire contract.