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A household name for outdoors and indoors, Becker Shoes has been serving Canada with pride since 1933. The makers at Becker Shoes understand the value of customer satisfaction and believe in satisfying the diverse customer needs.

A range of products and accessories offered by Becker Shoes, never miss to keep up with its premium quality and provides sheer comfort in every walks of life in style.

Are you someone who likes catching a crocodile in a bog? Or maybe just went in there to find some peat moss to light up your bonfire?

Bog boots are a must if your fun activity involves getting into bogs, only if one doesn’t want the marshy wet mud to ruin the fun. Bog boots are of great help for those getting their feet wet quite often.

Why should one choose this?

The answer is:
– It is water-resistant and keeps your feet along with your lower leg dry
– The muddy residue doesn’t pass into the area covered by it
– Being slip-resistant, it provides superior grip and sturdiness while you work peacefully
– Protects the feet from frostbites in snowy regions
– Jungles seem less scary now!

Bog boots are of essence for those working outdoors, be it for a construction site or snow removal.
Well, it doesn’t matter to Becker Shoes how you like spending your time, be it in a bog or elsewhere. But what matters is the comfort, even in bog boots.


Becker Shoes has been in this boot-making business for a while now and knows how to provide the best in class comfort and reliability in this category of boots.

If someone mistook bog boots to provide only protection to working people, with the same old colour combination and lack of innovation, it’s high time that we break such notions.

They are now being marketed in forms and styles that were previously unimaginable, from the classic old isoprene or the natural rubber-based ones to the advanced polymer-based ones. The stakes are now way higher than before in creating a diverse availability of customized choices. In terms of designs:

– Patterned
– Tapered fit
– Camouflage
– Military-style
– The Classic

These are just a glimpse of what the old unfashionable bog boots have now grown into. Not just the designs but in terms of fittings and functionality also they are offered in broad choices, ranging from the hard-soled ones to the soft and flexible boots.

As bogs don’t discriminate, nor do the boots. Equally preferred are the bog boots by men and women alike for their unisexual nature. “Of course, bog boots even protect against gender bias!!”

Kids nowadays are not shy to flaunt their trend; kid boots have become a part of a huge fashion market.

Kid boots have incorporated all the features of bog boots into a compact and fashionable kid’s footwear, thus becoming not just a trendsetter but a durable choice for their parents to invest in.

At Becker Shoes, all the expectations are met with a hint of content by the customers, making it a name in every household around Canada.
A country like Canada, known for its delightful winter. And at the same time known infamously for, cannot be ignored for that and Becker Shoes know their home pretty well.

Canadian winters can be unpredictable and ruthless. Bogs Canada from Becker shoes is just the category to conquer that with style and comfort. Additional winter discounts and latest stock with offers going up to flat 55-60% off on latest sales. Just the cherry on top!

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