June 29, 2022

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How to Style Your Bedroom for summer

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Summer months are here and so are warmer nights and the need for keeping yourself cooler. Every household in Melbourne needs to create a décor and furnishing makeover to suit the weather. It is important to create an environment that makes your sleep at night a pleasant experience. Giving your bedroom the summer makeover has become more of a necessity than just for decoration. It’s become a trend to put on the summer look not just for your outfits, but also for your homes. 

There are several ways you can change the bedroom look by playing with themes, colours, or even small décor elements. 

Imperial Furniture offers you four powerful ideas to make your bedroom’s summer makeover surreal. 

1. Contemporary timber base

It’s great to have a good night’s rest. It starts with a solid foundation that supports the mattress. To create a bedroom that promises sunny mornings, refreshing afternoons, and cool nights, try a modern wooden pedestal reminiscent of a promenade. The simple and unobtrusive Stockholm bed frame accentuates slim lines and minimalist contours, combined with fresh bed linen to convey the calm of this summer.

You might want to choose from queen or double bed frames, storage beds, gaslight storage beds, and many more kinds. You need to find where you can get beds for cheap in Melbourne. 

2. Light bedding

Save hours of sleep with light bedding. It’s time to replace the thick wool blanket with a light cotton blanket. Another way to create a warm, weatherproof bed, is to dress it up with a thin layer. Choose lightweight sheets and throws that you can pull up on cool nights or put on the edge of your bed on warm nights. Two things to consider when choosing your seat are their breathability and their ability to absorb moisture. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, and bamboo give you a good night’s rest when the night is calm.

3. Bed linen that speaks the theme 

Building your bed this summer is beyond, just texture and material, it’s all about the play of colours. Go ahead and splash your bedroom with a volley of pleasant summer shades, pop colours, or pastels, to give your bedroom the feel it needs. Colours on walls and furnishings make a big difference to the ambiance of the room. 

4. Minimalist décor

Introducing botanical and minimalist natural elements into your bedroom can instantly transform your space into a summer oasis, with potted plants, fresh monstera leaves, and vase flowers. These elements bring life to the room and connect your bedroom with nature. In this quiet bedroom setting, twigs bring fresh air and vibrancy to this room. If you don’t have a green thumb to keep your houseplant alive, add an artificial twist or find an artifact or a picture frame in neutral shades to put up a new look together.

Welcome Summer With a Beautiful Bedroom!

Refresh your bed frame, change linen, introduce pop colours, and add minimalist décor to your space to create the calm bedroom environment you’ve always dreamed of. With proper styling, you can get one step closer to the tranquillity of summer. Let’s get through this summer with peaceful nights of sleep. 

Walk right into Imperial Furniture or visit our website to get a fair understanding of how you can play with furniture, furnishing, or even accessories to create a summer makeover for your bedroom. The small elements that have been carefully curated to create beautiful, cosy summer pieces, beckons you at Imperial Furniture. Get in touch with Melbourne’s favourite furniture people to get your summer look designed today. 

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