August 17, 2022

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Say It with A Ring – Summer Engagement Ring Design for 2022

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The time between 2020 to 2021 made us feel that time is precious and unpredictable; therefore, every second needs to be cherished. This is the reality, and it didn’t take long to influence people’s livelihood and habits. There are couples whose plans for weddings and engagements changed drastically because of the pandemic, and all the more, it imbued a new meaning of value in their life. According to the jeweler Thelma West, people are now in the mood of, “We live once, so let’s love and let’s live and make each other happy.”

This spirit influenced the engagement ring trends thriving in the 2021 market. And now, in 2022, it looks brighter than ever- well, from the Jeweller front anyway. So, here are some words on top summer engagement ring designs for 2022. Read on, people; you might find that one ring you are looking for.

Recently, larger and more sculptural rings are gaining more fame among the Gen-X and Gen-Y. While there was a time it was all about the size of the rock, chunkier brands are now becoming favorites as well. For example, Hannah Martin diamond and gold ring, Minka Jewels Chunky diamond ring in yellow gold, Brent Neale 18 karat Gold multi-stone ring, and who would forget Jessie Thomas Gold and sapphire bombé ring? These are some of the best ones, although you can design your own engagement ring if you first consult with the jeweler before buying the ready-made.

It’s not always possible for the grand gestures to work how you want them to. Sometimes you need to let it rest and go for the subtle and simple one. Well, choosing a ring is also catered at this place. Simple and understated designs are sometimes exquisite. For example, highlighting a beautiful diamond with oval cuts and classic pear thronged the market once. The USP, you ask? Simple, yes, it’s simple. That’s why. It was created from a place of simplicity by leaving room for the details. So, you can create your own engagement rings with much simplicity like Alice Ciccolini Memphis bubble pave ring and Rachel Boston Sapphire and gold ring just by asking your jeweler to do it.

Investment Pieces Can Rock Your World

If you think engagement rings are an important investment- you are not wrong, there! Many brands have experienced an almost 26-30 percent increase in customer spending for engagement rings. Whether you choose your engagement rings style from the catalogue or go for the custom design engagement rings, it’s all the same.

Offbeat Choices Do Work!

Off from the traditional track- in the jewelry world- it was predicted to become a more popular trend in 2022. People are now becoming more adventurous with their choices, dwindling between unusual colored stones and arrangements. While you opt to build your own engagement rings, it’s bound to happen that you get confused.

So yes, that is almost all the trends for engagement rings; you can go for your big day and surprise your partner, choose from them because there is no way you will get disappointed.

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