September 26, 2022

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Summer Skin Care – Look Radiant Than Ever

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summer skin care

Summers are right here. This time of the year when the sun is blazing sun and flaming with heat. This heat can be harsh and unforgiving to the skin. Especially, the dust and pollution present in the environment can take away your glow. This is why it is essentially crucial to understand how summer affects your skin. At the same time, what steps do you need to take to avoid its effect.

How does summer affect the skin?

Rising temperatures mean humidity and heat. This makes your oily skin more oily and dry skin more patchy. The intense sun rays result in the increase of the presence of melanin pigment making it even darker. For the same reason, the dermatologists at Finndit recommend a skincare routine for healthy-looking skin. Keep reading to know about the daily skincare routine that you should follow.


SPF is a true escape when it comes to protecting your skin from UV rays. Apply sunscreen on your face 30 minutes before you step out. At the same time, do not forget about the feet, hands, and arms. For the best results, do not forget to take the recommendation from dermatologists. They will recommend you sunscreen according to your skin type.

Adding the antioxidants:

Inflammation is quite a common issue that is observed during the summers. In order to remove it, the experts suggest investing in serums, moisture, or vitamin C to protect the skin from environmental damage. 

Fruits and Vegetables:

The information mentioned above is about external remedies. But, if you want to radiate skin, maintaining your diet is equally important. For example, take fruits that have high water content. They have necessary nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, helping in collagen production.

Stay Hydrated:

The true meaning of staying hydrated means drinking a lot of water and investing in a good hydration mask. These two methods will help you get rid of that unwanted fatigue and blemishes on the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel:

After a long tiring day, we all want to freshen up as soon as possible. Aloe Vera gel exactly does that to your skin. Apply on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it off. That’s the most relaxing feeling ever. 


Remove excess dirt and oil from the skin by using a face scrub twice a week. You should only use a scrub that is suitable for your skin type and massage it gently in a circular motion. Make sure you need to exfoliate the lips and the neck also.


UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun can cause severe skin damage. In addition to causing a stubborn tan, tanning beds can accelerate the aging process, cause age spots, and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is essential for all skin types in the summer, even if you stay indoors most of the time. Apply sunscreen several times if you go swimming.


Now that you know about the steps you need to take, consider following them all. Also, do not forget to wear an umbrella, shades, hats, and caps. They are a true savior. Wish you happy summers. 

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