5 Ways Summer Storms Can Impact Your Plumbing

Despite all the benefits that warmer weather provides, there are some plumbing issues that should be taken seriously. When summer arrives most of us think about the proper functioning of our air conditioner and refrigerator. These issues are annoying during the warmest weather but they are not as challenging or expensive to resolve as plumbing issues which are more prominent in hot weather. The plumbing system may suffer from intense heat. Metal pipes expand more when heated, which might result in leaks or pipe breakage if the system is old. Unstable soil may result from heat waves. Some homes develop cracks in the concrete or water or sewer pipes as a result of this soil settling. Also, irrigation systems are more prone to malfunction since plants need a lot more water during heat waves to stay hydrated. There are multiple ways to avoid having these typical plumbing issues during your well-earned summer vacation. 

Expansion of Water Pipes and decrease in water pressure:

Your pipes are susceptible to damage and expansion in extremely hot weather. This may cause a minor leakage in the pipeline or can completely damage and rupture the whole pipeline. A fluctuation in water pressure is one indicator that your pipes might be at risk.

Low water pressure can sometimes be a little irritating, like when there isn’t enough flow to wash the sand off of you after a day at the beach, but it can also be an indication of a more serious issue. Leaks, corrosion buildup, and issues with the water supply can all lead to pressure shifts. Calling a Dana Point Plumber could be helpful if you notice decreased water pressure which is not usual.

Damage caused by the UV rays: 

Every summer in Sacramento, the sun’s UV radiation pounding down on your exposed pipes can cause major damage, such as broken or cracked pipes, or even cause the pipes to deteriorate. The earliest indications of structural damage should be attended to as soon as possible, even though it can take a few years before it occurs to you.

In order to prevent damage from the UV rays, all exposed pipelines should be covered with insulation or painted with light, water-based acrylic, or latex paint. Insulation guards your pipes against UV radiation in the summer. The destructive UV light from the sun does the damage to your entire plumbing system, not the heat.

Pipeline Leakage :
Leaks are an issue year-round, In the scorching summer, leaks can happen for a number of reasons, such as excessive water pressure, foundation movements, and invasive tree roots. Your plumbing might be severely strained by swimming pools, garden hoses, and automatic sprinklers. High-speed water flow raises the possibility of leaks or even pipe bursts in your plumbing system.

Clogged drains:

The summer months are a popular time for various plumbing issues, such as clogged toilets. The smell from this issue is particularly bad in the summer, and it may be very troublesome for homeowners. Because your kids are home from school for the summer or because you spend more time in your home in the season your plumbing sees a lot more traffic and is more likely to clog. Homeowners should take preventive measures before the drain clogs. Check and clean your drains, and be sure to tell your family and friends how to use them properly.

Growing Tree Roots: 

The plumbing in your home might also be harmed by tree roots during the summer heat. Trees reach their prime growing season in the warmer months. A few species may experience exponential development because there is more sunlight. Since tree roots naturally gravitate near bodies of water, your plumbing lines will automatically draw them. You’ll have a major plumbing issue on your hands once tree roots get inside your pipes. One indication of tree root damage is a significant backlog and plugged drains. A plumbing inspection is the only way to be certain. 

Damage and shifting of the Foundation : 

The ground can literally shift in hot weather. Your home’s plumbing can suffer as a result of shifting foundations and cracked ground since these conditions put a lot of pressure on your pipes. They might even expand or shrink. Moreover, heat can cause the soil around your pipes to expand. This can cause the pipes to move and frequently burst. During the hot summer, it is evitable that the foundation of your home can dry up which can cause your pipes to crack. 

As a result of the soil contracting and sinking due to a lack of water, your pipes will also be affected.

Any of these activities might place additional strain on your plumbing system throughout the summer. You might be enjoying more in the summer like watering more, using the pool more, etc. Regular maintenance will help you avoid the majority of plumbing issues. Frequent drain cleaning and inspections can avoid plumbing issues and let you know when they arise so that you can take the necessary precautions and make repairs before they become serious.

Professional Company can sort the summer plumbing issues: 

As a result of the fantastic weather and easy access to perform drain repair, the summer is one of the greatest periods to solve any drainage issues. Also, bad weather such as rain and other conditions won’t prevent drain installations. It obviously makes sense to address any drainage issues and take precautions against those typical plumbing issues throughout the summer.

Prevention should always be your top goal. It’s crucial to avoid drainage and plumbing issues in the summer, so I sincerely hope that this list has been useful in providing you with all the details you require.

The most important thing to do to prevent problems is to ensure that the plumbing is up to date, even if that means repiping. When planting any trees, be aware of the location of your pipes outside to prevent future problems. Trust the Dana Point plumbers for any of your plumbing needs.