Take Care Of Your Hair In This Monsoon Season

When the monsoon season finally arrives after a long, hot summer, it brings welcome relief from the oppressive heat. The body, however, has special needs during this time of year and requires more attention. You probably take great care of your skin and body, but hair care is often ignored. Protecting your hair during the monsoon is crucial. 

Excessive humidity during a monsoon is a known hair-damaging factor. The risk of dandruff, hair loss, and other issues is increased. Therefore, it is imperative that you give your hair the utmost Tender loving care. If you follow the advice below, you should experience minimal hair issues during the upcoming monsoon season.

1. Protect from rainwater

Avoiding getting your hair and scalp wet when it rains is a simple yet effective hair care tip. You should thoroughly dry your hair and wash it as soon as possible if this happens to you. To minimise hair loss, dry your hair with a plush microfiber towel that absorbs water quickly and minimises friction between your hair and the towel.

2. Pick a Soothing Hair Serum

To keep your hair healthy from the scalp all the way to the ends, try Redensyl hair serum, which is formulated with 5% Redensyl, fenugreek, Eclipta Alba and more. The rich formula refreshes and fortifies your hair strand by strand, eliminates frizz, and imparts a shiny, healthy sheen. The hair is protected from the damaging effects of the dusty or humid environment. Protecting your hair from the sun’s damaging rays and reducing the number of split ends are two additional benefits of natural hair serum. 

3. Apply coconut oil

Applying coconut oil to your hair fifteen minutes before shampooing is an effective way to prepare your hair. A treatment with coconut oil before shampooing leaves hair oily and reduces the amount of water that your hair absorbs when it is being washed. Male and female scalp issues are addressed as well.

4. Use Overnight Mask

If you have frizzy hair, this monsoon will be the most frustrating experience ever. Get ahead of this vexing problem by getting started the night before! This rainy season, if you plan on washing your hair first thing in the morning, use a hair mask that will provide moisture and prevent hair loss. Get in the habit of applying a high-quality hair mask before putting your hair in a bun for the night. After waking up and rinsing your hair, your tresses will be nourished and moisturised.

5. High Nutrient Diet

If you want to maintain good hair, your diet is crucial. The condition of your hair is directly related to the foods you consume. For healthy, shiny hair, incorporate more protein-rich foods like eggs, walnuts, dairy products, whole grains, and green vegetables into your diet on a regular basis. There are many foods that promote hair development, but berries, almonds, spinach, and sweet potatoes stand out as particularly beneficial.

6. Use chemical-free products

This will protect your hair from chemical buildup in a big way. When it rains, sweat clogs the pores in your hair, and if you use chemicals on your hair, it can make the damage worse. Look for natural ingredients like hibiscus, aloe vera, shikakai, reetha, onion oil, black seed oil, etc., because they will help repair damaged hair and make it smooth and shiny.

7. Keep the styles simple

When it’s raining outside, a straightforward hairstyle, like a ponytail or a bun, can keep your hair dry and protected from the elements. If you like to wear your hair loose, you should invest in a decent Redensyl hair serum and oil your hair at least twice a week. 

8. Know some Comb Hacks

Do not comb your damp hair right away because it is at its most fragile state at that time. Make sure that the comb you use has wide teeth so that it can effortlessly disentangle your hair. When you are combing your hair, you want to make sure that the comb’s teeth have enough space in between them so that the hair does not break. Additionally, it is important to avoid sharing combs with other people in order to avoid spreading fungal diseases. In order to prevent infections in your hair and scalp, clean your comb on a regular basis.


Your hair can remain healthy, protected, and lustrous even throughout the rainy season if you follow the advice given above regarding how to care for your hair. You can enjoy the rain without any anxiety if you take adequate care of your hair.