Tall indoor plants for your Home Décor

Growing a collection of tall houseplants will really breathe life into your house; little succulents are lovely aesthetic additions. According to Lindsay Pang born, a gardening expert at Blooms cape, “tall plants can instantly bring a space to life by giving texture and depth to any home decor style.”

tall indoor plants

Even the smallest living spaces should appear three times larger thanks to tall plants. Everyone deserves it. The best tall indoor plants are superior to all other décor items. It specifies the interior design of the house and workplace.

Tall plants give a room a sense of presence, and, from a design standpoint, they help you layer so you have rich, living greenery visible from a variety of angles, not just on a desktop or tabletop.

1. Snake plant

The snake plant is the answer if you’re hesitant to keep houseplants because you don’t think you have a green thumb. Snake plants are almost impossible to kill and incredibly simple to manage. Most significantly, they add beauty to any home, according to Pang born. These strong, tall houseplants, which have upright, sword-shaped leaves, do well in a range of environments. They endure all lighting conditions, from full sun to low light, and only need to be watered occasionally, according to her. To ensure that this fascinating plant grows in your home, make sure you are familiar with snake plant care before purchasing.

2. Fiddle leaf Fig

Floppy Leaf Figs can be purchased as miniature plants or as large houseplants.

The large trees are a bit more difficult to find and more expensive than palms, birds of paradise, and other tall plants, although the smaller plants are more commonly available for purchase.

After you discover the ideal location for it and perfect the watering plan, fiddle leaf figs are simple to cultivate and care for.

My fiddle-leaf fig tree has been in my yard for 13 years. I discovered that it enjoys soaking up the morning sun by facing our south-facing window. Undoubtedly, these plants require a lot of bright light.

Every week, from spring to fall, I give mine a drink and add liquid fertilizer to the water.

3. Parlor palm

parlor palm

Want a hardy example as you get the hang of plant parenting? Think about the parlor palm. According to Hancock, “most palms grow in and prefer full-sun temperatures outdoors in their natural habitat.” The Parlor Palm is one of the best palms for indoor growing because it requires less light than most of its relatives. These tall indoor plants may survive in low-light settings even though they prefer bright light. Moreover, parlor palms are easy to water because you can tell when to do so when the dirt is halfway dry.

4. Swiss Cheese Plant

The large, heart-shaped leaves of the Swiss cheese plant, which become holes as the plant gets older, are what give the plant its common name. These great indoor plants are tall and look like Swiss cheese.

Monsters aren’t only towering houseplants; they may also get very big! In any context, they are unquestionably a show-stopper. They need a sizable exhibition hall.

These fast-growing tropical plants either trail from pots or cling to poles and trellises. When it reaches maturity, you’ll discover that it has trailing adventitious roots, which make it simple to remove and distribute.

Strong light that is moderate to indirect is required by these cheese plants. It’s beautiful foliage will turn yellow if subjected to excessive lighting or direct sunlight.

5. Money tree

Money tree

The money tree is a low-maintenance indoor greenery plant that is well-liked because of its braided trunk, glossy green leaves, and capacity to create a tropical atmosphere in your home, according to Pang born. According to fang shui, they’re a top choice for decorating with plants, but just about anyone looking to brighten their room with an easy-to-care-for tall houseplant will want to take a money tree into consideration. Pang born continues, “It can tolerate fluorescent lighting and adapt to and thrive in a variety of light settings, ranging from low to bright indirect light.”

6. Birds of paradise

Birds of Paradise Plants are without a doubt my favorite indoor tall plants.

This is what a tropical-style plant looks like to me. It’s really simple for me to manage and grow. It has quick growth and gorgeous, unfurling leaves.

It’s a beautiful plant that you can put on display alone or in a group with other plants in a room with lots of greenery. My own was combined with a fiddle leaf fig, and the result is rather lovely.

It is a very adaptable plant that thrives in both direct and indirect bright light.

7. Yucca Plant

Do you wish to enhance the appearance of your residence? These are one of the best tall indoor plants, with a 7-foot-tall bold and magnificent shrub with sharp, angular edges to help you with this plant.

It is an excellent addition to a contemporary minimalist interior as a standalone plant that also functions as artwork. The yucca plant is not only attractive, but it also cleans the air, is safe for pets, and can withstand drought.

These are slow-growing, aesthetically appealing plants that are also very drought-resistant. It will take these tall house plants from India a long time to develop into room-eating monsters, so you’ll have many years of use as a houseplant before that happens.