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tamper proof courier bag

With the growth of online consumer base there is an unprecedented growth in the e-Commerce sector. Due to the growing nature of the industry there is strong competition among e-Commerce companies that make strenuous efforts to gain consumer confidence through various means such as setting up customer contact centers, providing seamless and fast delivery services, regular order status updates and tracking details. , providing free and frustrated packages to make the consumer happy with many others.

Packing, commonly referred to as OUTER DABBA (box), actually does a tremendous job of winning consumer confidence. This is the only reason why companies that use packaged (printed) packages also consider improving their packaging in different ways. But the fact is that people in the e-Commerce industry face a variety of challenges when choosing and finding the right packaging for their products.

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Bluepackenterprises not only appears as a well-known manufacturer of Printed Tamper Proof Courier Bags, supplier and manufacturer of goods in Delhi, India, also listed among the top names in the industry. We are the largest supplier of witnessing bags in North India. Apart from this, Bluepackenterprises has a 50% share in total demand from the Indian e-commerce sector. Over the past 6 years, anti-corruption wallets have become our main product. We share a long list of happy customers not only in India but also abroad. To date, we have 300 satisfied customers from India and 50 from international markets. Our product list of illegal testimonials includes premium quality wallet, courier bags and manufacturer of printed mail bags at affordable prices.


It is often used by International and Domestic Courier Services and Package Delivery Companies to transport goods and quantities.


  • High quality raw material
  • Customized Sizes for large orders
  • It is easy to write with a permanent marker.
  • Once the product is closed it cannot be removed from the bag without tearing through the bag.


  1. Protect the packaging product
  2. It looks professional, used to pack delicate items
  3. Usable, Easy to Use, Clear or Colorful, Empty or Printed
  4. Envelopes printed on panels
  5. Close and untie the string to get a permanent mark
  6. The stiffness is obtained from 60 microns to 120 microns
  7. An attractive and customizable print
  8. Available in various sizes, styles and different types of cushioning

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Bags are an important asset not only for customers but also for service providers and give customers the convenience of buying and sorting or packing easily. Bluepackenterprises brings you a wide range of packaging bags and stores to easily enhance packing shipping and purchase. These packing bags are made of high quality materials that are safe to use and lightweight while providing strong support for the weight of the packaging products.

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