The Growing Need for Bars to Install an ID Scanner

“Seeing is believing” is an adage that made much more sense before the dawn of Deep Fakes. 

It’s hard to trust your own eyes now, let alone trust the eyes of the dozen employees you’ve hired to serve at your bar. 

Bars are meant to be spaces where people can shrug off their responsibilities for a while and have some fun. But while that is valid for the carefree party-goers, the owner of the establishment (and the staff) have to be perpetually on the lookout for underage patrons carrying fake IDs. 

Alcohol-serving establishments can not only be penalized for serving drinks to an underage person, but they are also vulnerable to lawsuits in case the drunk person causes injury to others. “Dram shop” lawsuits are messy from all angles. But there might be an extremely easy way to avoid those.

To err is human, which is precisely why having ID Scanners for Bars is the perfect solution. 

No matter how stringent you are with your manual ID checking methods, some minor details are going to pass through that sieve. Especially if it is a busy night at the bar, can the staff be blamed for not spotting an extremely well-made fake ID? 

Since one tiny mistake is all you need to have a lawsuit on your hands, it’s better to cover all your bases.

ID Scanners Make the Process of Age Verification Easy

Having ID Scanners for Bars makes this an infinitely easy process and takes the burden of constant vigilance off your shoulders. Weeding out teenagers with fake IDs is not the only benefit of having ID Scanners for Bars, though. There are several other advantages of installing these.

If you have a large establishment, you obviously won’t remember which guy you threw out last Friday night for misbehaving with the bartender. Some ID scanners are capable of remembering the IDs of the people you banned from your bar previously. Not only are you reducing the effort to weed out the bad crowd on your part, but you’re also improving the experiences of your patrons.

The memory of the ID scanners also serves various other functions. Compliance reporting becomes much easier with ID scanners because you can easily share the stored data with the compliance officer. You never know when you are going to be asked for a record of your transactions concerning a lawsuit or an inspection, so it’s not a bad idea to keep a paper trail. 

The memory can be easily enabled or disabled depending upon whether your state permits such customer data to be stored.

This ID scanner memory serves another very important function. Long gone are the days of billboards and signs, everyone knows you have to engage in targeted digital marketing to promote your business. How do you figure out which is your ideal target audience though? 

ID Scanners for Bars make this easy. 

You can record basic demographic information like age, sex, and location while scanning your customers’ IDs. Collecting such data over a long time should give you a fairly good idea of which customer base you should try engaging with during your marketing campaigns. After all, you cannot sell the same wine to everyone, can you? It pays to know exactly whom you are serving.

Why ID Scanners are Superior to Manual Verification?

As for fake IDs, there are some with bar codes and magnetic strips that your bare eye will never be able to detect. But micro-analyzing the font, spacing, and even the pixel count should not be your job at all. Pattern-matching and validating hologram overlays are what good ID scanners are meant to do.

But there’s a reason why people always hesitate to depend solely on machines. What if they start to malfunction? 

This is why you should ideally choose a company that promises you 24×7 software and technical support. Try and choose a manufacturer that offers free accessories and software updates along with their products. After all, you wouldn’t want a machine that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.  

Once you’ve figured your way around that hesitation, there’s no real reason not to invest in ID Scanners for Bars. There’s no learning curve associated with them. Their intuitive design facilitates simple operation, they’re compact and easy to carry around and they don’t even require an internet connection to work. 

A good ID scanner should be able to read all driver’s licenses, regardless of whether your customers are from the USA or Canada. And since no driver’s license is kept in a pristine condition, the ID scanner should be able to read the 2D barcode or the magnetic stripes no matter how weather-beaten the ID cards are. 

In Conclusion:

ID Scanners for Bars not only help you keep track of your transactions for compliance reporting (and as evidence for lawsuits), they put a stop to dram shop lawsuits as a whole by doing away with the possibility of human errors and fake IDs. Just be sure to invest in a reliable and durable ID scanner manufactured by a trusted brand.