Things to check before renting a car at airport

Car rental service now a day is a common practice that is more convenient for you if you are travelling alone or with your family.  It provides you with better option of travelling and family trips, in somehow affordable rates and hygienic conditions. But the major question arising here is whether you are going for “On-Airport” or “Off Airport” car rental.

    You need to consider and understand these two options before booking a car because these options will make a huge difference for you at the end.

“On-Airport” car rental basically is a service that provides you with an option to collect the car by yourself, when you land on airport after your flight you have to get in queue on car rental desk on airport to get the car that is parked on the airport terminal.

“Off-Airport” car rental is the one in which your car is located away from the airport terminal on a short distance. You have to travel that distance by some car or bus to reach at your rented car destination.

What you need to check?

  1. Firstly you needs to check for a cheaper car rental service around the airport and must fall on conclusion by this that whether you will go for On-Airport service or Off-Airport. While checking for Off-Airport service you must check out agencies which are less known by the public because these agencies will provide you service with much cheaper rates than the others.
  • Cost of both Off-Airport and On-Airport is different because On-Airport charge you a little bit more rate as the terminal charges in which your car is being parked and you don’t needs to wait more in here for your car.
  • You need to check the rates before booking because On-Airport charge you a bit more than Off-Airport but that is even worthy than Off-Airport because While booking Off-Airport car rental it doesn’t provides you complete detail that exactly how much long distance that you needs to travel to reach at your rented car destination.
  • You must have your extras with you in both cases, like you can use Google maps from your phone instead of purchasing GPS services from agency to save your cost a bit.
  • Some Off-Airport can rental agencies provide you with shuttle bus service in order to take you to your car destination, but in most cases you have to travel by bus or some other transport to move towards your destination. So if you are with your family than going for Off-Airport service would cost you a bit more.
  • If you have lesser time and you needs to go at your destined place in hurry than going for Off-Airport service will take more of your time in travelling towards the car first and then moving towards your destination later on. And as time is very precious for everyone then we suggest you to go for the On-Airport car rental service to save your time and energy.
  • Some agencies don’t allow you to take your baggage with yourself into the office in case of more crowds because it fill up more space and make it difficult for others to pass/stand here easily and cause trouble for other passenger in the office in other ways as well.

In simple, we make it clear to you that while going for Off Airport car rental service you can save some of your cost of travelling but you might not be able to remove the other all inconveniences that we have discussed above caused by the Off-Airport rental services.

So in order to reduce your headache in this regard and to be more clear and precise in this matter you need to go for On-Airport rental service that might cost you more but will bring more ease and comfort at last.