Things to look before booking the wedding venue

While every wedding-related decision helps to shape your big day, there are a handful that have a greater influence than others. One of the most significant? Your location. You can set the mood for your wedding by where your celebration is held, so choosing your venue carefully is essential. Is there any pressure? When it comes to destination weddings, Rajasthan has it all. From the fun wedding of Aditi in YJHD to tying the knot in the regal to the quirky forest at Kumbhalgarh. Without a question, the concept of destination weddings is appealing; yet, it takes a bit more planning than typical.

Here are the list of things to keep in mind while looking for the destination wedding Venues in Kumbhalgarh:


The cost of a destination wedding in Kumbhalgarh varies depending on the location. The cost of destination weddings varies greatly. Compute all expenses, including wedding products and travel and hotel costs, so you can plan your destination wedding correctly! Another item to consider is the wedding decor. You can choose a theme for your wedding – delicate tones, bright tones, or a combination of both. You must contact local suppliers if you wish to include folk elements into your wedding decor.


Make sure your luxury wedding  venue in Kumbhalgarh is conveniently accessible by road. Likewise, be sure that there are lodging options close to your wedding site. When you’ve determined your budget, decide where you want your wedding to be held. There are several breathtakingly enticing and gorgeous wedding resorts in Kumbhalgarh – the city has many venues to choose from.

Whether the occasion, large or little, The Everest hill resort strives to make it a tremendous success. They are great for organising wedding receptions because they combine gorgeous scenery with lavish hospitality. The sincerity and kindness make your wedding experience very special.

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Wedding Planner 

Just as a bride’s hair needs gajra, so does a wedding require a wedding planner to ensure that everything is flawless and works together. Seek for a wedding planner early in the planning process since they are in great demand. Wedding planners handle everything, allowing you to spend more time with your family and stress less about wedding preparations. Secondly, because you are arranging a destination wedding in Kumbhalgarh, local wedding planners can assist you significantly reduce the cost of the wedding. Wedding planners are familiar with all of the local suppliers, top caterers, décor, and so on in Kumbhalgarh, and they ensure that your big day goes just as planned.

Wedding Guest

The Guest who has come to bless you must be well served. Prepare your guest list ahead of time so that there will be no problems during the wedding and you will know which wedding  resort in Kumbhalgarh is appropriate for your wedding guests.

 You may either make arrangements for your guests at the same resort or hotel where you want to marry, or you can select a hotel near the wedding location.


This venue-related element is all about creating a great visitor experience.  Resorts in Kumbhalgarh are well-known, hotels and resorts offer special discounts when booking. From ensuring that there will be ample parking space—without your attendees having to walk a mile from your ceremony location and back— It’s vital to ensure that your guests and family can travel to and from your event in comfort, which includes checking in with area hotels to confirm that there will be vacancies nearby.

Overall, being married in the heart of the forest is an unusual and relaxing experience, and Kumbhalgarh is the ideal spot for your special day.


  • How much it cost for a destination wedding?

In India, the ordinary destination wedding costs between 15-20 lacs for 150 and 200 guests. The cost, on the other hand, will be determined by the indulgences that you choose to include in your package. To stay inside your budget, establish a destination wedding checklist.

  • What is the greatest location in Rajasthan for a destination wedding?

Rajasthan is a diversified area with several wedding venues to choose from. There is a lot to select from, including the highly popular destination wedding Udaipur. 

  • Best venues in Kumbhalgarh to get married?
  1. The Everest Hill Resort 
  2. Shahpura kumbhal villa
  3. Via Lakhela resort
  4. Kanj Haveli Resort 

These are some of the best luxury wedding venues in Kumbhalgarh.

  • Can a small destination wedding be planned?

So why not? Multiple budget-friendly destination wedding places in India allow you to organise your destination wedding without breaking the bank. The trick is to make the ceremony small and personal. Invite just those you care about and tie a knot in a small gathering of those who matter.

  • How far in advance should you book?

Wedding venues are normally scheduled 6-18 months in advance, with certain exceptions.

This is generally determined by three factors:

  1. How popular the Venue is
  2. The season you want to book for
  3.  The weekday you wish to reserve.

If you got engaged in the spring and want to book the trendiest place in town for a Saturday in the middle of summer, you’ll almost certainly require supernatural intervention. If a midsummer Saturday is not essential, you may be able to reserve the same location for a midsummer weekday of your choosing, or a mid-autumn Saturday of your choice (and for a discounted price). The wedding Venue in Kumbhalgarh offers you all types of facilities you are looking for in your wedding. 

  • What do most wedding locations include?

No matter what size wedding or weddings budget you have, you can expect your wedding location to include: a ceremony room, an auditorium space, and 2 distinct lounge spaces including to prepare for both sides of the wedding party.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are such momentous occasions for both families. Finding an ideal site in Kumbhalgarh may be tough, but it is not impossible. The Everest Hill Resort is one of the best wedding resorts in Kumbhalgarh. We provide unique event rooms and settings to host and create a fond memory of your important events. The banquet facilities are outfitted with modern conveniences as well as our unique services to guarantee a great occasion. Each banquet area here offers vibrant and one-of-a-kind experiences centered on the surroundings and vistas they open up to. These banquet rooms, together with great services, make The Everest Hill the ideal wedding resort in Kumbhalgarh. Our event facilities are ideal for pre-wedding festivities, birthday parties, and other large gatherings.