Thinkific Pricing : Review, Analysis, Pros and Cons

Thinkific Pricing Plan Overview

Thinkific provides several price choices. These include a free trial plan and three premium subscription levels (Free, Basic, Pro, and Premier) with both monthly and annual payment choices. 

With Thinkific, you have numerous choices for selling online courses or operating a membership site. In accordance with Thinkific’s pricing structure, if you select an annual plan you will save 20% off the monthly rate.

Thinkific provides a Growth package as an add-on to its Pro plan in addition to its three premium plans. This bundle grants course authors access to additional capabilities.

The following is a table containing the many price plan options offered by Thinkific:

PlansMonthly PricingYearly Pricing
Free Plan
Basic$49 per month$39 per month
Pro$99 per month$79 per month
Premier$499 per month$399 per month

There are no transaction fees associated with any of Thinkific’s programmes; but, if you take online payments, you will be subject to payment processor fees, which are unavoidable.

The various pricing categories of Thinkific mostly differentiate themselves based on particular features. You have the option of using a custom domain, providing completion certificates, accessing priority assistance, and a number of other features, but these vary depending on the package that you select.

Thinkific has a comprehensive assortment of essential features, all of which are accessible through all of its plans, including the free one. The most important aspects include having immediate access to your funds and having access to the complete set of tools for eCommerce.

You may construct the entirety of your website using Thinkific, which comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder for your courses. In addition, the fundamental capabilities include multiple instructor profiles, student notifications, upsell offers, discussion forums, and both email and phone assistance. Thinkific additionally offers safe hosting as well as SSL certificates that are both simple and built-in. And all of stuff is included in each plan!

Who Should Use the Free Plan on Thinkific?

This free plan is ideal for testing out Thinkific. You will not have access to the premium features, but the free plan allows you to easily create a lead magnet mini-course and offer two paid courses.

Again, you may have an infinite number of students enrolled in courses offered on the Free plan. Therefore, it is a terrific opportunity to get started with Thinkific and begin expanding your online course business.

Thinkific’s Basic Plan Allows Email Integrations

The Thinkific Basic plan (the first of the premium plans) grants access to an infinite number of courses and students.

The Basic plan permits the use of a custom domain, allowing you to host your whole eLearning platform on your own domain rather than a.thinkific subdomain. Additionally, coupons and their affiliate programme are accessible.

In addition, you’ll be able to email students individually (while this does not substitute an email marketing service) and drip course content over time.

The basic subscription provides email integrations with several prominent email marketing solutions, including as ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp. You may also integrate with a variety of other products with the Zapier integrations included with this subscription.

Who Should Use Thinkific’s Basic Plan?

If you already know you want to utilise Thinkific as your online course platform and are ready to develop your digital training business, the Basic Plan is ideal for you.

While you will not have access to all Thinkific capabilities, you will have access to enough to get started creating your course. You can offer cool features such as coupons and use a branded domain. In addition, you will have access to connectors with a few extra products, such as an email marketing solution.

The Pro Plan of Thinkific is the most popular option

Thinkific’s Pro Plan is the most popular paid plan, as it contains all the essential features as well as an unlimited number of courses and students.

In addition, 2 site admin accounts and 5 course admins/authors are available. You will be able to create private, password-protected courses for specific clients along with certificates. In addition to memberships and bundles, the Pro Plan includes advanced pricing options such as subscriptions and payment plans.

You may also checkout teachable pricing which also offer a 10% discount offer on pro plan.

With the Thinkific Pro Plan, you may customise your site, allowing you to provide your students with the greatest possible experience. Additionally, you can create assignments and communities. Finally, you will have access to Thinkific’s priority support, meaning you will receive speedier assistance when you need it.

Who Should Use Thinkific’s Pro Plan?

You’ll want to upgrade to this level after your courses generate sufficient revenue. The opportunity to offer these crucial services, which will result in a better user experience for your learners, is worth the little, additional monthly charge (which is only $50 per month more than the Basic Plan). Additionally, the Pro Plan enables the addition of the Growth Package, which unlocks even more integrations and capabilities.

What is the Thinkific Growth Package?

If you are on the Pro Plan, you have the option to purchase the Thinkific Growth Package, which unlocks additional features. If you realise that you don’t need them, you can simply pay the $99 monthly Pro Plan charge.

If you want access to more powerful features, however, you can choose the Growth Package instead of the Premier Plan (which costs $499 per month and is out of reach for many small enterprises).

This extension allows you to sell your courses to corporations and assign analysts for reporting. Advanced segmentation features can also be used to arrange student reports and progress tracking. Additionally, you have the option to remove any Thinkific branding from your course and website.

This programme enables you to import and export students and send mass emails. You can also provide numerous communities (without this add-on, you are limited to one community on the Pro Plan).

Lastly, the Growth Package permits smooth integration with a few popular tools. These features include a close interface with Infusionsoft, an all-in-one marketing platform that includes sophisticated email marketing. I can vouch to Infusionsoft’s effectiveness because I’ve used it for at least 12 years.

This add-on package also integrates tightly with ActiveCampaign, another leading email marketing solution. Additionally, you can access the full potential of Zapier.

You will now be able to interface with Brillium. While Thinkific offers graded quizzes and surveys, you may find that you require more complex exam capabilities, such as timed tests and attempt limits. Brillium has this and more to offer.

Thinkific is now offering all Growth Plan features for a flat monthly cost of $50. This is in addition to the cost of the Pro Plan, therefore the total for the Pro Plan plus Growth is $149 a month. If your organisation would profit from any of these powerful capabilities, the additional cost is well worth it.