Three blog niches that can succeed in 2021

Out of the 1.7 billion websites on the internet presently, there are over 500 million blogging websites and the number is expected to rise considerably in the coming years. What makes blogging websites so common on the internet is the simple and user-friendly interface blogs offer.

Of course, as a blogger, you can add variations and create your very own blogging website, but CMS options and WordPress have it easy for almost anyone and everyone to start their own blog. Now, when one plans on starting their blog, the first question that pops up is the niche, the topic of your blog.

There are several evergreen blogging topics and niches that grow as a creator creates quality content to be published. Other than these evergreen niches, every few years different trends emerge and go out of business. In this article, we will discuss three blog niches that can succeed in 2021.

#1 – Lifestyle and Motivational Blogs

Every existing human knows about the pandemic the world has been going through. The coronavirus has restricted humans into their homes. . In this restricted environment, the world seems to be spending all of their time on the internet.

The coronavirus inflicted pandemic has caused a lot of chaos, and amid this chaos, people have lost their motivation, passions, and energy. Thus, in such a time, reading about other people’s experiences and the motivational pieces of content people have to offer naturally becomes a niche worth trying out.

#2- Heath and Wellness

Another niche that is bound to succeed in is Health and Wellness. At home, people have been stripped from their regular visits to the gym and other fitness centers. Other than that, there has been a lack of motivation amongst people in general.

At a time like this, encouraging people to stay healthy through different blogging websites is an amazing opportunity. From knowledge about the importance of good health and wellness to sharing tips and tricks to stay healthy, blogs, and health and wellness is a good niche to begin your blogging journey in 2021.

#3- Cooking and Baking

Between a pandemic and social distancing restrictions, people have picked up different hobbies and activities to bide their time. One of these activities/hobbies is cooking and baking. People of different ages who had, for some reason, never picked up a pan, have started learning the art.

Thus, creating a cooking and baking blog in the year 2021 seems to be a niche that is likely to succeed. People look for different dishes and cuisines to learn all the time, thus, not only is cooking an evergreen niche, but it is also one that is widely growing amongst people.

In conclusion

In this article, we discussed three blog niches that can succeed in 2021. Starting a blog is a big task for a new beginner. It thus makes sense to first start learning at a top digital marketing institute. offers a great digital marketing course in Delhi specially designed for bloggers.

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