What to do against mosquitoes in the bedroom? 5 tips that work

What to do against mosquitoes in the bedroom? It is one of the most frequently asked questions during the summer months, although you can also easily deal with a mosquito in the spring and autumn. Would you rather not use a remedy against mosquitoes and would you rather chase them away or keep them out of the door instead of fighting them? A mosquito net is an excellent means of protection, you can also catch mosquitoes to kill them or at least show the way out.

We are not all in agreement about what helps against mosquitoes, which means that we suffer a lot from mosquitoes in the bedroom as a result. Did you know, for example, that the well-known citronella candle does not help according to experts and that on the other hand it does not matter to leave the light on in the room? The citronella scent of the candle does indeed repel mosquitoes, but only in a 1 meter circle around the candle itself. The rest of the room is insufficiently supplied with the smell, so that mosquitoes fly around happily. By the way, they don’t do that to the light like flies do. Instead, the mosquitoes smell the human presence. That we think they’re heading for the light has to do with two reasons. First of all, we see flies approaching them and we confuse them with mosquitoes. Secondly, we often have lights on in the spaces in which we ourselves are present. The mosquito does not see the light, but it does smell our presence. It therefore seems as if the mosquito is heading for the light instead of specifically at us.

Keeping mosquitoes out of the bedroom

When asked ‘what to do against mosquitoes?’ the best answer is ‘keep them out’. As long as the mosquitoes are not inside, it is not necessary to catch, chase or fight them. What helps against mosquitoes is therefore a screen for windows and doors, so that they cannot just fly in. There is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes in the bedroom, so make sure that the door to the bedroom is closed as much as possible.

By keeping the mosquitoes out of the bedroom, you don’t have to catch mosquitoes at night and you don’t have to think about what helps against mosquitoes. It may sound obvious, but it’s worth looking for ways to keep the mosquitoes out. The better you succeed in this, the less restorative work you have to do. That means you can fall asleep relaxed in a mosquito-free environment, so you won’t be woken up by it.

Catching mosquito in the bedroom

Is there a mosquito in the bedroom and you want to catch it? You can control mosquitoes by turning off the light until they become active. Then you quickly switch on the light. A mosquito will make its way to a place to sit still. This is usually on the ceiling or on the wall. Depending on the type of wallpaper and the number of items you have in the room, you can easily spot the mosquito. According to experts, repelling the mosquitoes with a citronella air, a wristband or a high-pitched sound makes no sense. There is no evidence whatsoever that mosquitoes can’t stand a certain pitch, the candle protects only in about a circle of a meter and a wristband has even an effect of only a few centimeters. Fighting mosquitoes in the bedroom? You can catch them or kill them directly,

If you do want to use a remedy against mosquitoes, you can think of a mosquito net for your bed or a remedy such as DEET that you can smear on the skin. With DEET you ensure that the skin gets an unattractive layer for the mosquitoes, so that they do not sit on you. However, that does not mean that the mosquitoes will still buzz around your head every now and then. To prevent that, you can use a mosquito net. The mosquitoes can’t get close then. You can’t hear them fly and they can’t sting you. They are the best tips against mosquitoes, if you do not manage to keep them out of the door or at least out of the bedroom.

Stung by a mosquito, now what?

Still stung by a mosquito? Mosquitoes sting to suck blood. They need that blood to hatch their eggs, which is why it’s only the females that sting us. To make the blood that the mosquitoes suck to clot, they inject a certain substance into our body. Unfortunately, this substance causes a mosquito bite to form and you can get quite itchy. It’s nothing to worry about.

Every now and then a tiger mosquito shows up in the Netherlands. It is a type of mosquito known for its black and yellow striped body, the mosquito is slightly smaller than a normal mosquito. This mosquito regularly carries viruses. Were you stung by a tiger mosquito? Keep an eye on whether you develop a fever, bleeding in, for example, the nose and mouth and muscle pain or cramps within 5 days. It is then wise to contact a doctor, just like when you are in doubt after a mosquito bite.

Fall asleep relaxed

Successfully completed the mosquito hunt and ready to fall asleep relaxed? With a nice duvet cover and, for example, a cotton fitted sheet from Duvet Discounter you make sure that it will not be the case! In addition, we have various mosquito nets to protect you against mosquitoes.