Melbourne Party Planning: Tips for Selecting the Perfect Caterer

Planning your next event can be stressful, especially if you need to become more experienced in party planning. If you’re hosting a large event or party in Melbourne, choose the right caterer to meet your needs and provide excellent service for your guests. There are several things to consider when planning your next event with catering companies in Melbourne:

Choose the Type of Party You’re Hosting

The first step in selecting a caterer is to decide on the type of party you’re hosting. Are you planning birthday catering Melbourne services for a sophisticated adult soirée? Or are you planning a children party catering Melbourne for a fun, playful event?

The location of your venue will also have an impact on what type of food will work best. If your event takes place at home or in an office space, there may be limited kitchen facilities available and, therefore, less flexibility around menu options. On the other hand, if it’s held outdoors at an open-air venue like Federation Square or Albert Park Racecourse (which boasts its kitchen), there’s more room for creativity when choosing dishes that can be prepared on-site rather than elsewhere.

Decide How Many People will be at The Party

When deciding on the right caterer for your Melbourne party, it’s essential to consider how many people will attend. The more guests you have, the more courses and food they’ll need, affecting your budget.

Next, consider what food will be served at each course. Are there appetisers? Main courses? Desserts? If so, decide how many courses are needed per person so everyone gets their fill without going overboard on calories or cost (or both).

Finally, consider what type of cuisine is most appropriate given where and when your event occurs: Is it casual or formal? Should guests dress up or down?

Look for Catering Companies that Offer Custom Menus and Packages

The best catering companies offer a wide variety of customisable options. You should look for a caterer who will work with you on a customised menu for your specific needs, no matter how large or small your event may be.

A custom menu is one where the food items are chosen by the client rather than preselected by the caterer beforehand. This allows you to select dishes from their regular menu and combine them into one customised meal plan. 

For example, if there’s no way around serving chicken at an event but everyone hates it (or there’s only one person who likes chicken), then having this option available would allow them to swap out some other protein dish instead–like beef or fish–and still have everything else stay on par with what everyone else has ordered off their menus! 

Similarly, someone with allergies or dietary restrictions must be taken care of before ordering anything else off the list. Well, now they can do so!

Custom packages give clients more control over what goes into each part of their event experience, like having access to specific extras like cutlery sets versus relying solely upon disposable items provided by default by most companies’ standard packages.”

Get References from Friends and Family who Hired Them in the Past

When choosing your caterer, ask for references from friends and family who have hired them in the past. If you’re having a wedding, ask your parents if they’d recommend any party catering Melbourne companies they’ve used before. If you’re throwing a corporate event, see if anyone on your team has had experience working with a specific caterer. This will give you an idea of how well they can handle large groups of people and what food they serve at events like yours.

Research the Caterers on Review Websites

Reviews are a great way to understand a company’s reputation. You can read reviews from other customers, and you can also read reviews from the caterer’s perspective. This will give you an idea of what they have to say about their work and the services they provide. The more positive reviews there are the better!

If one caterer has more positive feedback than another, it might be worth considering them over another company with fewer positive reviews.

Ask Potential Caterers about Their Experience and Styles

When interviewing potential caterers, ask them about their experience and style. Please find out how many weddings they’ve done in your area and whether they have any specialties that might suit your needs.

You can also ask about their menu options–do they offer any unique dishes? If so, do those dishes match the type of food that you want at your wedding?

Choose Catering Services that can Meet Your Needs

When selecting a caterer, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the perfect catering company for your next event:

  • Choose a catering Melbourne service that can meet your needs. Does the menu offer something different? Does it include options for everyone in attendance, including those with dietary restrictions or allergies? Is there enough variety on the menu so guests won’t get bored eating the same thing repeatedly throughout an entire meal (or party)?
  • Choose a caterer that offers something different from other companies in town–one that stands out from the rest of its competitors by providing unique cuisine, unusual service styles (e.g., buffet vs sit-down dinner), special presentation techniques (such as plating food on large pieces of wood instead of plates), etcetera! This will help ensure that all eyes are on you during this special occasion instead of wandering around looking at nearby tables where everything looks exactly like yours does now.
  • Ask around before making any final decisions regarding which one suit best overall needs/budget best – recommendations from friends/family members may help narrow down choices without having spent hours researching online reviews alone.

Check Out Their Menu and Pricing

When checking out a catering company’s menu, look for various options. You want to be sure that they can cater to your guests’ tastes and that their pricing is clear and transparent.

Ask about any additional charges for delivery or setup, too. Suppose you’re hosting an event in your home. In that case, this might not be an issue, but if you plan on having it outside (or even just at another location), knowing exactly what everything will cost before agreeing on a price with your caterer could be essential.

Finally, find out whether or not the caterer offers different price points depending on how many people are attending your party; this way, if there are only going to be 15 people at yours instead of 50 like originally planned because someone cancelled last minute (which happens), then finding out ahead of time won’t come as such an unpleasant surprise!

Request to See Pictures of Previous Events

When interviewing caterers, ask them to see pictures of their previous events. Ensure that the photos you’re looking at are not edited and represent their work.

Avoid Contracts that are Too Long or Have Hidden Fees

When choosing a caterer, avoiding lengthy contracts and hidden fees is essential. Ask about the caterer’s refund policy as well as their cancellation policy. If they don’t have one or are unwilling to discuss it, choose a different vendor for your event.

You should also check how health standards and cleanliness are handled at each venue where the food will be prepared and served. You want everything from utensils and plates to restrooms clean when preparing for an event like this!

Ask About the Cleanliness and Health Standards of the Trucks/Vans/Kitchens

When selecting a catering company, you must ensure the truck/van/kitchen is clean and safe. You should ask about their health standards and if there are any violations. Also, how long have they been in business? How is their customer service? Do they offer any discounts or coupons for first-time customers? What hours do they operate during the weekdays, evenings and weekends (if applicable)? Lastly, can they give references from previous customers so you can talk with them directly about their experience with this particular caterer or food truck?


We hope this guide has helped you start your search for the perfect party caterer. Remember to ask questions, research, and choose one favourable to your budget and needs. If you still need to decide which company is right for your event, contact us today!

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